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Styling Your Corner Sofa

A corner sofa can take up a lot of room in your space, so it's essential to dress it appropriately, so it doesn't look out of place. We're here to give you some of our favourite tips on making your corner sofa look stylish whilst still being practical for everyday use.

Choose a Theme

Whenever you're styling furniture or a room, it's important to know your theme first to keep everything looking harmonious. Ideally, the theme you pick for your corner sofa will be the same throughout your living room. Do you love the shabby chic look? Or are you more of a nautical Nancy? Are you obsessed with the Industrial, or do you prefer something bold and colourful? What you decide will make an excellent base for your sofa stylings.


Styling Corner Sofa ECI

Cushions & Throws

The primary way you'll be styling your sofa will be through the cushions and throws. These add comfort and character to your sofa, helping you make it the perfect cosy and stylish space to relax at the end of a long day. However, you might be wondering how many cushions you should use on your corner sofa - after all, it's a more extensive surface area than a standard sofa and two might get lost, but you don't want things to look too cluttered either.


For a maximalist look, you might use two decorative cushions per seat. i.e., if your sofa seats five, you might choose to use ten cushions. If minimalism is more your speed, try one or two pillows on either end of the couch with another two on the corner seat. If you want your sofa to have a formal appearance, then you can place your cushions symmetrically for a pleasing, calming experience for the eye. Alternatively, if you like things to be more relaxed, setting your cushions at different angles or draping a throw over the chaise lounge or the back of the sofa can keep things simple.

Styling Corner Sofa PIS

Patterns and Colours

Don't be afraid to play with the patterns and colours in your cushions and throws. You may feel inclined to shy away from mixing patterns if you don't want to draw further attention to your cumbersome sofa to help your space feel more open, but this won't be a problem as long as everything coordinates. Checks look particularly beautiful with plain cushions, and velvet effects can be a great choice to pair with lace or macrame cushion covers. If you're scared to play with colour, choose one accent cushion you love and build your palette around the colours in it.

Decorate Around the Sofa

Once you've got your cushions and throws perfectly placed, you can focus on the space around your sofa. What you put around the couch has a surprising impact on the complete look of your corner sofa. A complimentary rug underneath or just in front of your sofa can create a beautiful conversation area, helping you section your space, whilst end tables on either side of the sofa with a coordinating lamp will give you plenty of cosy light.

Since a corner sofa is a large piece of furniture, you can create a sense of balance by hanging wall art above the sofa. This will help draw the eye up, so your room doesn't feel 'bottom heavy.' You could also achieve a light and airy feel by placing your sofa near a window that sees plenty of sunlight.

Styling your corner sofa is a personal experience and is down to your tastes and style, so always go with your gut when it comes to home decor - you're the one who has to live in it, after all! For more home and styling inspiration, why not browse the articles and specially-picked products below?

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