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Caring for your Leather Sofa

A leather sofa is a wise investment - they are durable and long lasting, with fabric that only looks better the older it gets. The attractive, natural patina that appears with age is what draws many people to leather furniture, despite the common misconception that leather is difficult to care for. Leather sofas don’t take much maintenance, but a little care throughout the years will ensure it stays soft, supple and clean. 

Keep it Dust Free

Wipe your sofa down regularly with a dry fabric cloth to remove excess dirt and dust. Dirt that becomes embedded in the creases and folds of the leather can be difficult to remove later, so it’s a good idea to keep on top of it. Instead of wiping it down, you can always run your vacuum over the sofa. This is a quick and easy way to keep it clean, and you can just incorporate it into your regular cleaning schedule!

Clean up Stains

Keep on top of stains and don’t let them set in. Clean them up with a damp cloth as soon as they have happened. If you let stains dry, they can set into the wrinkles of the leather, making it incredibly difficult to remove them. Avoid using lots of water and don’t let the fabric soak, as this will damage the leather. Also avoid using harsh detergents or household cleaners, as these can also cause damage. A dish cloth soaked in warm water is your best option, then leave the leather to air dry naturally.

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Condition Regularly

Once a year, condition your sofa with a suitable cleaning product. This is perhaps the one thing that will help your leather sofa last a lifetime. It will help maintain the softness of the leather, as well as slow down colour fading. Conditioners are usually buffed into the fabric with a microfibre cloth, so don’t need to be rinsed or cleaned off. Before you use any new cleaning product on your sofa, carry out a spot test on a small, unseen corner to make sure it won’t damage the fabric.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The combination of light and heat can both fade your leather, as well as dry out the natural oils present in it. The most effective way to prevent this is to place your sofa away from bright, sunny windows. If you’re unable to do this, some leather can be found with a protective top coat. This can alter the appearance of the leather, but helps to prevent fading. Conditioning your sofa regularly will certainly help stop the leather drying out and cracking. Some conditioners also come with a UV protectant. Nevertheless, the natural patina of aged leather is very appealing, and some fading can be attractive.

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