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How to Get Your Home Smelling Like Spring

Spring is arriving in all its warm, floral glory and you might be wondering how to infuse the beautiful scents of freshly cut grass, citrus, morning dew, and bloomed hyacinths into your home. If so, we have a few tips on how to make your home smell like spring.

Fresh Air

Perhaps the easiest way to let spring in is to get fresh air circulating around your home. Open your windows and curtains, especially in the morning, and decorate your bedroom and living room with air-purifying house plants to enhance the air-flow of your space.

Peace lilies, English ivy, and spider plants have been known to improve air quality and are all relatively easy to care for. Not only that, but the added foliage and flowers in your home are a great way to increase your mood and reduce stress.

When combined with gentle spring breezes coming through an open window, these plants can encourage the natural scent of fresh greenery and earth to flow through the air for an instant hit of spring.

Air Fresheners

If using natural fresh air doesn’t quite hit the spot, then spraying your rooms with floral and fruity air fresheners can add that coveted springtime scent profile to your home.

Try Air Wick Pure Mediterranean Sun if you like things bold and zesty, or Febreze Cotton Fresh if you like your home to smell subtler and softer.

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A fantastic technique for adding scents to your home whilst improving your home décor, potpourri is simple and fuss-free.

The Peony Rose potpourri bag has a sweet, floral fragrance that brings spring to the forefront of your home. We suggest using a tray, or a bowl with a wide opening so the scent has better movement around your space.

A different way to use potpourri is to add it to organza bags and place them in your wardrobe or clothing drawers. This way your clothes slowly take on gentle scents whilst giving you a direct spring buzz whenever you open your cupboards.

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Diffusers and Candles

Candles offer a pleasing and warm light for those evenings in, but they also come in a myriad of delicious scents. When lit, scented candles can leave your home smelling luscious, sometimes lasting for hours after being blown out.

Spring is synonymous with florals and lighting one of our Sweet Orange candles is a must. This candle carries the scent of juicy citrus with a hint of sweetness that will have you craving picnics in the park on sunny spring afternoons.

If lighting a candle isn’t your thing, then a diffuser is the ideal way to get the same effect without the need for a flame. Diffusers often last weeks, or even months, letting gorgeous scents continuously permeate your space.

Sweet and fresh, the True Aroma Spring Blossom and Honey Diffuser is great for getting refreshing fruit and florals into your home whilst adding a luxurious decoration to your room.


Soaps and More

If you would like to add spring to your home in a more widespread way, then changing your soaps, laundry detergent/conditioner, and cleaning products is a great way to celebrate the coming of a new season. Each of these everyday household items can be found in fresh, sparkling scents that are reminiscent of spring.

The Mango Soap Slice, Lenor Tumble Dryer Sheets, and the Febreze Thai Orchid Air Freshener Spray turn your home into a springtime paradise every time you take a shower or do a simple household chore.

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