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Home Checks and Chores for Summer

The gloomy winter weather is sure to have taken its toll on your home - possibly revealing draughts and leaks you were unaware of or clogging your gutters with leaves and debris. Whilst the sun is shining and the heatwaves are yet to hit, take the opportunity to complete these essential checks and chores around your home to prepare you for this season and the rest to come.

Clear Out Gutters

Working from the top of your property downwards, the roof and gutters are the first things you should check. Gutters and downpipes can become clogged with leaves and rubbish which can cause them to overflow and damage your roof or fascia. Use a sturdy and reliable ladder that’s tall enough for you to reach your gutters and ensure you place it on even ground. Scoop out any debris and hose down each section once you’re done. You’ll want a pair of gardening gloves or a trowel.

Check the Loft

Get up in the attic among the boxes of forgotten items and the Christmas decorations. Look around for signs of dampness, mildew, or holes and leaks in the roof. Now that the worst of the weather is over, its the perfect time to get these sorted. It’s a good idea to also check for unwanted houseguests such as birds, bugs, squirrels, or other pests.

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Air conditioning

If you've got air conditioning in your home, make sure you check the filters regularly and change them when necessary. If your filter is clogged up then less fresh air will pass through, meaning that the system has to work harder and your bills will increase. Remove any dust or dirt clogging the unit or ducts and, if needed, call a professional to come and check the components.

Check Seals

Feel a breeze when the air con is off and the windows are closed? Check the seals around your windows and doors and fill any cracks you find with a fresh layer of caulk. Not only will this improve the insulation of your home, but it’ll keep unwanted bugs at bay.

Scrub the Decks

Get your decking ready for all the days and evenings of relaxation by showing it some TLC. Firstly, clear away any items that are going to get in your way, such as outdoor furniture or potted plants. Grab a broom and sweep away any loose debris, such at leaves and moss. If there is lots of algae and stubborn muck, use a pressure washer - or a hose with a spray

attachment – and a deck cleaning solution to thoroughly cleanse each panel and return it to its original colour. Allow the decking to fully dry before re-applying sealant or oils.

Repaint Woodwork

Paint isn't just used for aesthetic purposes, it acts as a sealant and protects your woodwork from the natural elements. It's best to treat and re-paint your woodwork, such as fences and outdoor window ledges, in the summer when they'll dry quickly.

Outdoor Irrigation

Your external pipes and sprinklers may have sustained damage when the frost set it or thawed out. Check any pipes and hoses for cracks or leaks, replacing any damaged parts. Ensure your sprinklers are standing upright and briefly run the system to check none of them are blocked – this could save your lawn and your plants when the scorching heat heightens their thirst.

For more information and accessories to help you get your house ready for the sunny days to come, browse our DIY and gardening pages.

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