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How To Paint Your Staircase

Repainting your staircase can bring a whole new lease of life to your home. Whether you’re removing old, tattered carpet or refreshing some beaten up wood, a set of painted stairs brings a clean and modern aesthetic to your home. This little project will be super easy to complete and will surely brighten up your hallway to help your whole home feel a little cheerier.


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What You Need

- Paint: For this task, we highly recommend Rust-Oleum’s Chalky Finish Floor Paint. Specifically designed for flooring, this water-based paint is a strong formula that will resist scratching and chipping under the everyday wear and tear of running up and downstairs. Available in 109 colours, you have the choice of choosing either just one colour for a sleek and solid look or using different colours across each step for a more arty, light-hearted look.

- Sander: To smooth down the wood of your stairs.

- Cleaning solution & cloth: To ensure your stairs are free from dirt and contaminants before painting.

- Masking tape: To help you keep things neat.

- Painting brush, roller & tray: Essential tools in any painting task.

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What To Do

- It's always a good idea to plan ahead. As your stairs will be out of commission until the paint has completely dried, try to pick a day when most people will be out of the house – perhaps at work or school – and make sure you bring down anything you might need from upstairs.

- Start by making sure your stairs are in good condition. Remove any carpet or old paint, repair and fill in cracks or dents, and sand down until smooth. Then give the stairs a good sweep and clean to ensure there’s no dust or other stray particles left to ruin the paint job.

- Place masking tape over any edges, corners, or sections you want to keep neat and paint-free. This will help the overall appearance seem much tidier once you're done, and will make the whole task a bit easier for you.

- Now it's finally time to paint! Make sure to stir the paint vigorously before use. A paintbrush is ideal for trickier corners and edges, while a roller is perfect for larger sections. Its recommended to build up several thin layers of paint, as opposed to few thick layers, as this allows for more even coverage, less chance of dripping, and quicker drying times. Make sure you allow each layer to dry completely before moving on to the next.

- Once you’re satisfied with the number of coats you’ve painted, you’re practically done! Once the final layer has dried completely, you can take your first trip up your brand-new stairs!

Want some more ideas on how to easily refresh your home with a simple lick of paint? Check out our other guides on painting your flooring and cupboards, creating a mural, and building yourself some new outdoor seating. Peruse through Rust-Oleum’s page to get a feel for your favourite shades and colours and look through the rest of our decorating page to ensure you have all the tools and accessories you need.

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