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Saucepan Guide Pots and Pans

Guide to Buying Saucepans

There’s a saucepan for nearly every dish imaginable. Whether you’re buying a brand new set or simply adding to your collection, you want to make sure that you get one that suits your cooking needs.


Saucepans come in a variety of sizes and depths, and are perhaps the most versatile pan you can have in your kitchen, used mainly for heating and thoroughly cooking food. They vary from milk pans to larger pans that are ideal for cooking foods like potatoes and bulky vegetables.

Frying Pans

A versatile and often essential part of any kitchen, frying pans are used to fry and heat food, cooking it quickly and dispersing heat over a larger area. They don’t usually have a lid, and can include griddle pans for cooking steaks and griddling vegetables.

saucepan cookware buying guide

Stockpots & Casserole Dishes

Stockpots and casserole dishes are wide and deep, often with two handles to make lifting easier. They will be lidded, and are often used for slow cooking dishes such as stews, soups and casseroles. Many are oven proof, and they don’t usually have a non-stick coating - the liquid content is enough to prevent food sticking to the bottom.


Thinner and deeper than frying pans, woks are used to cook food very quickly, and can be used for a quick fry or a saute. Woks don’t require much fat to cook the food, and the design of the pan allows you to stir your food wth a more even cook.


Steaming your food instead of boiling it is a very healthy way to cook, allowing your food to retain its nutrients by preventing them leaching into surrounding water. Steamers stack above a pan of boiling water, and include holes in their base to allow the steam to rise up and thoroughly cook your food.

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