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Dressing for your Hobby

After a long, busy week, many of us spend our downtime enjoying hobbies. Keeping fit, hiking, fishing –  there are plenty of activities where we should be wearing the appropriate clothing. Whatever you do in your spare time, make sure you're dressing for the occassion.

General Fitness

For any kind of fitness activity, ensuring you have the right attire is important. If you desire breathability, you can’t go wrong with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Alternatively, the joggers or leggings with long-sleeved top combination provides you with just the right amount of insulation for a workout. Footwear-wise, trainers are the obvious go-to - you'll just want a pair that's comfortable enough to support your feet as you work up a sweat.

With the most crucial aspects of your general exercise clothing sorted, there are also accessories that can benefit you, such as tape, bands, supports, or fitness gloves.

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On the topic of keeping fit, there are quite a few of us who enjoy a good hike in our spare time so we can explore and take a breather from normality. The ability to move freely is paramount when it comes to your outfit, so get yourself a pair of comfortable and durable trousers to prevent rips or tears. Depending on the hike, you’ll initially want to wear what suits the weather conditions. For example, if it's sunny, stick to a thin upper layer that allows sweat to evaporate, as well as a hat to protect your head from sunburn. But since a hike can take a while to complete, you should be prepared for any shifts in the weather, so packing a fleece or jacket, along with a waterproof coat is smart. Finally, wear hiking boots, as they will provide adequate protection from terrain while supporting your feet the entire trek.


Being dedicated to fishing means being prepared for any weather condition. If the weather is on the colder side, wear a cosy beanie to keep your head warm. Your trousers should also keep you warm as well as ideally be waterproof. Always remember to layer up when it's chilly, so start with a breathable, lightweight t-shirt for the base layer, followed by a long-sleeved shirt or fleece for your middle layer, finishing with a waterproof coat for the outer layer.

Staying waterproof is essential for fishing on rainy days, so when those days come, find some durable, waterproof boots and trousers, and stick to a raincoat for your outer layer.

In the sun, your chances of success when fishing increases with some polarised sunglasses as they reduce glare when you look at the water. Don't forget to protect yourself from sunburn with a hat and put on some sunscreen. Footwear should be comfortable and lightweight, while also allowing you to drain water easily. Finally, stick to a pair of breathable shorts and a t-shirt or tank top.

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No one plans to camp in the rain but be prepared for that potential eventuality. So, along with your casual wear that keeps you comfortable and warm, pack some waterproof clothes. Being in the great outdoors, there's also nothing wrong with having some wellies at the ready.

Chances are, you’ll aim for a camping trip in the sun, so bring along some sunscreen and sunglasses while you're at it, as well as some lightweight clothing for the day. When it's nighttime, things may get a little chilly, so also grab some warmer clothes like hoodies and fleeces.

Time in the Sun

Including some of the activities we already mentioned, there are plenty of other hobbies people enjoy in the sun, like festivals, days at the beach, sketching, and more. So, when you know the weather's on your side, leave your stuffy hoodies, coats and jumpers behind, and instead keep cool with a t-shirt and pair of shorts, whether they’re lightweight or cargo.

Indoor Hobbies

All types of loungewear are great if your hobbies keep you indoors, such as gaming, building models, knitting, or simply binging TV shows. Sometimes, nothing beats relaxing in some pyjamas while you do something you enjoy.

There are still many, many hobbies where your clothing is important to keep in mind, so while you're here, take a look through our entire Clothing department in case your favourite thing to do in your downtime wasn't listed.

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