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Secret Santa Buying Guide

Secret Santa; that yearly tradition we all partake in with work colleagues, housemates, extended family, or clubs. Where we all pick a name out of a hat, choose a budget, and attempt to find the perfect gift for the perfect price. It’s a lovely idea, isn’t it? The problem is that many of us find that we barely know the person we’ve chosen and often struggle to think of what to get them, usually resorting to something generic like festive chocolates, bubble bath, or a bottle of booze.

And, while we all know that Secret Santa isn’t the most important gift to give or receive over this wonderful time, we all still wish we could find that person something they’ll really love. So, here at The Range we’ve thought long and hard to come up with some easy tips you can follow to get your recipient something a bit more personable and with a bit more thought.

Secret Santa ECI

Learn More About the Person

This is perhaps the most difficult part. You can’t suddenly start asking your acquaintance lots and lots of questions about their interests when you never have before, as they’re likely to clock that you’re their Secret Santa. But whether you know absolutely nothing about the person, or have had a few friendly chats in your time, there’s a good few ways you can learn some things.

Strike up casual conversation with them: if you already have a friendly relationship with them, perhaps chatting while making coffee in the office kitchen or complaining about your days on the bus home, you can try to slip in a few questions about their interests. Perhaps they mention they’re going to watch a football match at the weekend or talk about the new book they’ve been reading. Make sure you listen and keep a note. But, of course, try not to make the questions too obvious!

Secret Santa PIS

Ask a friend: Do you know someone who knows your giftee better than you do? Ask them for ideas! This option is particularly perfect if that person isn’t taking part in the Secret Santa, but just make sure they don't tell your receiver!

Check out their social media: If their Instagram or Twitter is public, this a great way to get an idea of their interests. Do they post lots of pictures of their beautiful garden? Then you know something botanical themed is perfect! Do they seem to love going on wild nights out? Then that bottle of booze you initially decided was too generic might be the best idea after all. Of course, if any social media you find is set to private, its best not to dig too deep, as this type of person obviously values their privacy.

Find the Gift

Now you know a little bit more about the person, it’s time to buy the gift. Around this time of year, most store websites will have specialised gift sections, where you can peruse different types of gifts for different people. Check out The Range’s Christmas Gift Ideas, where we have specialised sections for techies, foodies, and comedians. You could also consider getting your Secret Santa something personalised, especially if they’re someone who’s a bit sentimental.

Wrap the Gift

People seem to forget that the gift wrapping is a majorly important part of present giving, especially when it comes to Secret Santa. A beautifully wrapped gift shows that you’ve spent a bit of time making sure that it looks wonderful and will make whoever is to open it super excited to find out what’s inside. Check out our blog on Gift Wrapping Ideas and take a look through our section full of wrapping paper, present bags, cards, and more.

Some final tips are to make sure you stick within your groups agreed budget and, most importantly, don’t stress too much! Secret Santa is meant to be a fun little way to celebrate Christmastime with those who you see on your day-to-day, not a grand show of affection, wealth, or a chance to show everyone else up.

Need more inspiration for Christmas? Take a look at our famous Christmas department online and check out some guides on stocking fillers and Christmas Eve boxes.


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