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Top 10 Toys for Christmas this Year

Children's interests can often feel like they change at a whim, making them notoriously difficult to buy for when it comes to Christmas. Thankfully, we've gathered a list of ten toys that are sure to make Xmas magical for your little one, regardless of their interests!

1. Pokémon Toys

Kids will love being a Pokémon master from the comfort of home with our selection of cool Pokémon toys. Popular since the 90s, Pokémon is a surefire way to get any child excited this Christmas. To become a Pokémon trainer, kids will love the Pokémon Trainer Guess Champion Edition. With this guessing game, it's never been easier to feel like a Pokémon master as you guess and collect Pokémon. A classic gift kids will love is a packet or two of Pokémon trading cards where they can trade and play with their friends and feel the excitement of finding a new card. Choose between Obsidian Flames and Paldea Evolved from Scarlet & Violet.

2. Gabby's Dollhouse Balance Bike

If your child is obsessed with Netflix's Gabby's Dollhouse, the Balance Bike will leave them beaming this Christmas. Featuring Gabby and her friends printed on this bike, this bright and colourful play equipment will help three-year-olds learn how to balance before they move on to pedal bikes. Perfect for building your youngster's confidence, the Gabby's Dollhouse Balance Bike will spread joy to your child. Other brilliant Gabby's Dollhouse toys include the board game and the slime pot.

3. Barbie Toys

Barbie was one of the biggest films of the year, and most of us spent our summer in pink because of it. The film has renewed interest in Barbie and everything she and your child can be, so a Barbie toy is perfect for Christmas. Kids will love the Make Your Own Dreamhouse kit that fits their Barbie doll, as they can customise it to suit their play style. The Barbie Cutie Reveal will also go down a storm as Barbie has been given an adorable makeover and includes ten surprises to keep the play opportunities coming.

4. Paw Patrol Toys

Paw Patrol is one of the most popular children's TV shows, and kids love going on adventures with Chase, Ryder, and the rest of the gang! Young Paw Patrol fans will love speeding into action with them with the help of the My First Sit and Ride, where kids can propel themselves or be pushed by parents. Alternatively, slightly older fans might enjoy playing the Meteor Mayhem Game with friends and family and trying to defeat Mayor Humdinger!

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5. Imaginate

Imaginate playsets have been created to facilitate your child's creative development from toddlers and beyond, whether your child enjoys playing with dolls, playing house, driving remote control vehicles, or using dough compound, there's something you'll find to suit your child.

6. Bluey Toys

Bluey is one of the most popular kids' TV shows, and here at The Range, we have a variety of cool Bluey toys to indulge your little one's obsession with the show. Some of our favourites include the Keepy Uppy Game where the aim is to keep the balloon in the air, Save with Bluey which helps kids with their numerical skills, and the Pack of 2 Bluey Figures to help them recreate their favourite scenes.

7. TMNT Pizza Fire Delivery Van

Inspired by another film that hit the box office this year, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Fire Delivery Van is perfect for battle action! From this cool, colourful van, kids can fire up to eight pizzas from the van with the launcher and fit your Ninja Turtles figures (sold separately.)

8. Peppa Pig Toys

Many kids love Peppa Pig, so they'll love receiving toys inspired by Peppa, her friends, and family! Toddlers will enjoy the Mini Driver with lots of sounds and buttons for curious kids to explore, whilst older fans might prefer Peppa's Beauty Parlour. This playset includes various beauty accessories for kids to give makeovers to themselves, their dolls, or family members!

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9. Cocomelon Tower Slide Ball Pit

Cocomelon toys are perfect gifts for toddlers, and this little ball pit will keep them entertained when their favourite show isn't on. The bright colours are incredibly engaging, and the balls are soft for babies to squeeze and drop down the slide. The set includes 20 balls, and the set is printed with Cocomelon characters for further fun.

10. Teamsterz Monster Moverz Monster Converterz

If your kid loves dinosaurs and cool cars, then this toy combines them both into one incredible gift! Available in two colours, the Monster Converterz from Teamsterz has light and sound effects for a thrilling drive and can transform into a beast and back into a car as you drive it! Ideal for imaginative play, Teamsterz will keep your child occupied for hours this Christmas.



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