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Small Xmas Decs

Christmas Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

The day we put up our Christmas decorations is almost as fun as Christmas day itself; it’s when many people start to feel truly festive. Once you’ve got your Christmas tree up, turned on the fairylights, and stood a Santa by your TV, it’s hard not to feel the full force of festive cheer. But if you don’t have a lot of space, the thought of cramming masses of evergreen leaves, tinsel, lights, and baubles might be more stressful than it is joyful, and that’s not what Christmas is about. So, we’ve pulled together a few ideas to help you make small spaces festive, whether you’re living in a tiny flat, have a small office or bedroom you want to brighten up, or just want to keep it on the lighter side.

The Tree

The most important thing, of course, is the tree. Commonly, Christmas trees reach at least six foot, but if you don’t have enough room for one that big and bushy, then consider picking up an artifical tree that stands at three or four foot. You can get them in all different styles, with ones that are designed to look as authentic as possible for those who love traditional decorations, and ones that are a bit quirkier and more colourful, for those who love making a statement with their Christmas decor. These trees are perfect for popping on top of a table or set of draws (it can give them extra height), and they’d even look lovely standing small and proud on the ground.

Small Xmas Tree


Festive lighting can help any space feel Christmassy, no matter small or how few decorations you have. Stringing some red and green LED chain lights around your room will immediately up the merriment of your home, and lights in warm or cool tones can mimic fallen snow and ice, helping your room feel like a secret hideaway in a magical winter wonderland palace. Christmas lights are some of the most versatile of decorations, and can be hung from the ceiling, across walls, around doorways and windows, or even wrapped around furniture. With such endless possibilities, Christmas lights are an absolute must-have if your options and space are limited.


Doors, windows, and furniture are prime places to sprinkle just a dash of Christmas cheer. Maybe you could hang baubles off doorknobs, so you’ll be greeted with festivity whenever you enter a room. Wrapping tinsel around bannisters or placing small Christmas ornaments on windowsills can spread festive joy through your space without needing a massive centrepiece like a tree.

And, of course, there’s always the traditional Christmas wreath. Most commonly hung on people’s front doors, they also look amazing hung from walls or the side of bookshelves. You could even forgo hanging altogether, if you don’t have much wall space, and lay one flat on a coffee table. A wreath like this Red Berry and Pinecone Wreath would look particularly fantastic with a colourful snowglobe placed in the centre.


Finally, it's important to remember that decorations aren’t the only way to make your home feel festive this season. Making your bed with some Christmas-themed bedsheets will add joy to your décor, and help you feel the magic of Christmas as you're falling asleep. In the evenings, consider drinking from a whimsical mug, or eating dinner with colourful and festive crockery whilst sitting down to watch your favourite Christmas film.

We’re sure that even just a couple of these tips and tricks will help Christmas cheer flood your small space. And if you love Christmas as much as we do, you’ll know its not about how big your decorations are, but how much Christmas joy you feel whenever you see your beautifully decorated home, and how excited you are for the big day.

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