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Baby Sensory Games

Sensory Play: Keeping Your Youngster Entertained

An excellent way to encourage hands-on learning and promote healthy development, the process of sensory play is sure to help keep your little one entertained for hours on end.

Designed to help stimulate their senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, and even hearing, here at The Range, we've got a vast collection of craft supplies and playtime toys that are sure to help them play, create, investigate, and explore their surroundings and senses with ease.

With some sensory play ideas being messy, edible, or even scented, our handy guide covers an array of activities and ideas that are sure to impress even the most inquisitive of little ones.


Child Playing in Sand Box

Playing with Texture

A wonderful way to help stimulate a tactile experience during playtime, experimenting with textures is a great way to help expand your little one's horizons. Whether it's with water or sand, or even through the use of craft items such as modelling dough, here at The Range, we've got plenty of playtime essentials to help stimulate their senses.

Sand tables are perfect for setting up within any playroom or outdoor living area, whereas sand accessory sets are marvellous for use at the local beach, pool, or park. For slightly older children, magic sand is excellent for sculpting, shaping, and sticking together to create an array of creative masterpieces.


Made from more durable materials to withstand playful bashes and bumps, wooden playsets are designed to help encourage healthy sensory development. Featuring engaging locks and hinges, as well as vibrantly coloured detailing, these interactive playtime activity sets work wonders when it comes to cognitive development.


Playing with Sound

Perfect for combining sensory development of sight and sound, engaging playtime toys such as musical instruments are great for keeping your little one entertained and well-stimulated as they play. With listening skills impacting all areas of learning and communication, these audio-focused toys are sure to gather their attention.


Is your toddler struggling to sleep? If so, then soothing night-lights are specially designed to emanate a calming environment through vision and sound to help put their mind at ease as they drift off to sleep.

sensory play baby toys

Bathtime Fun

With bathtime acting as another much-loved playtime for your little one, our extensive collection of water play equipment is sure to help make a real splash!


The classic rubber duck is perfect for accompanying your youngster in the bath, whilst easy-to-install accessories such as the Sunflower Bath Toy are great for attaching to the edge of the tub or even the surrounding tiling.


Perfect for use during their daily bathtimes and even whilst at the local pool or seaside, water sensory play is an encouraging way to help support healthy hand-eye coordination through the actions of pouring, splashing, scrubbing, spraying, and squeezing. After something a little more lightweight and that's perfect for use outdoors too? Why not kit your little one out with their very own watering can - great for lending a helping hand around the garden!


Scrumptious Sensory Snacks

A great way to help liven up mealtimes and even as a way to help introduce new tastes and textures to your little one's palate, sensory projects based around food are sure to go down well. With plenty of delicious treats out there for your youngster to try, here are our top suggestions:

  • Crunchy Carrot Sticks - Perfect for serving raw (if at the right age to start chewing) or steamed, carrots are packed full of nutrients and are great for stimulating their taste buds.
  • Jiggly Jelly - Provided you're not serving raw jelly cubes, small jelly puddings are great for packing full of different flavours and are sure to take your toddler on a taste exploration.
  • Funky Fruit Salad - Great for filling with crunchy apples, soft bananas, and scrumptious strawberries, fruit salads are a fantastic way to combine nutritional goodness with sensory stimulation.
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