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water fight

How to Organise a Water Fight

So, it’s the peak of Summer, the kids are restless, and you’re fresh out of ideas to keep them occupied, what can you do? A water fight is a perfect solution to keep cool whilst also providing hours of fun for all ages!


water fight eci

What should you bring?

There are several toys designed for water, however, most famously used for water fights are water balloons and water blasters. Simply select your soaker of choice, gather your friends and family, and don’t forget you’ll need access to the most important component – water!


What do you wear?

Generally, it’s best to wear a swimming costume to a water fight, as it is designed for getting wet! You can wear anything you don’t mind getting soaked but avoid heavy clothing as it may be disadvantageous in your competition. Aqua shoes are also a great idea as they’re made for water and will prevent you from slipping over in all the excitement! Finally, let’s not forget SPF! Make sure you frequently apply water resistant sun cream to protect your skin.

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How do you win?

You can make your own rules for this, but you may decide that whoever is more soaked afterwards wins! Our suggestion is to turn a traditional game into a water-based game. For example, playing tag, stuck in the mud or capture the flag, using water to tag one another. Dodgeball is another excellent game for water balloons.



Can you use regular balloons?

It’s best to use water balloons as this is their designed purpose. Gas balloons may not pop as readily because they’re thicker. You can get accessories to fill multiple balloons at once, to help prepare your ammunition! You might want to invest in some water blasters, as these can be used time and time again for endless Summer fun.



We hope this has given you some ideas on how to organise your water fight. Now, all that’s left to do is gather your friends and let the battle begin!

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