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A Guide to Eco-Friendly Toys

Every day, it feels like your children come to you wanting new toys. But, with so many toys being made from plastics, needing lots of batteries, or using up energy, you might feel guilty buying them because of their impact on the environment. After all, your little one will probably grow out of it or forget about it within a few months.

However, you can still make sure your child has plenty of playthings whilst still being conscious of how these toys affect the world around you by buying sustainable toys.

What Makes a Toy Eco-Friendly?

These toys are usually made from renewable and natural materials such as wood and don’t release greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process. Plastic toys often have a high carbon footprint, so choosing a toy made from wood or cotton, for example, can reduce your carbon footprint in turn. Unlike plastic toys, many eco-friendly toys can be recycled or are made from recycled materials. If a toy is sustainable, you’ll usually find this information on the packaging, and if it’s made from wood, look for the “FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)” logo.

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Are All Wooden Toys Sustainable?

In a word, no. Sustainability is also about how a material is grown and harvested, so if the wood contributed to deforestation, is from unsustainable forests, or comes from a company that exploits/harms workers, it’s not eco-friendly.

Make sure you look out for eco-labels and FCS logos when buying wooden toys to reduce the chances of accidentally picking up non-sustainable wood. You can also look for toys made from rubberwood. This is a wood from trees used in rubber plantations making latex – trees that have already served their initial purpose, so the wood can be used for other products, so as much of the tree as possible is used to reduce wastage.


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How Else Can I Make Sure Toys are Sustainable?

Buying brand-new isn’t the only way to make sure your child stays occupied – there are plenty of other options that are ideal for them and your bank balance.

Buy Second-Hand: Check charity shops for toys or browse websites like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. You can even host a toy swap with other parents and kids. Toys that go through multiple owners will be more sustainable than those thrown away after being grown out of - the longer the toy is used for, the smaller the carbon footprint becomes. Consider donating your old toys to make those your kids already own eco-friendlier for the future.

Make Your Own: You don’t have to be an expert to make a toy. Sometimes, an empty toilet roll, some paint, and a pair of googly eyes is all you need. Children are well-known for their imagination, so sometimes, the most basic of toys can conjure up a world of inspiration. Try searching the internet for inspiration – maybe you can make a dollhouse out of cardboard or a doll from some old socks? Plus, it can double-up as fun for your child if you make something together.


Quality, not Quantity: When you buy fewer toys, you lower your carbon footprint. Keeping purchases to a minimum by buying better increases the sustainability of your toy as they're likely to last longer, plus, buying less means there's less for you and your child to clean up in their bedroom or playroom!

Making Use of the Outdoors: Most outdoor toys are plastic, but you can create outdoor toys and play equipment with a few natural materials. You can use a strong rope or twine for swinging on or with a safe, sanded piece of wood to create a more traditional swing. You might also consider making dens and teepees with sheets you already own, twigs, branches, and wood.

For more ideas on how to keep the little ones entertained, why not browse our full Toys collection, or have a little look at one of the articles below?

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