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Three Reasons to Own a Humidifier

During the winter, the air we breathe becomes drier. This is thanks to the colder weather, central heating and a lack of airflow as we keep windows and doors tightly closed. Dry air isn’t particularly beneficial to our health, and there are numerous reasons why investing in a humidifier will be one of the best things you do all winter.  

Keeps you healthier

Bacteria and viruses travel faster in drier air, so adding moisture to the air you breathe can help keep winter colds and flu at bay. Humid air also keeps your nasal passages from drying out, helping your body eliminate viruses faster as well as reducing blocked sinuses. In fact, humid air is so beneficial to our airways, that it can also prevent snoring and nosebleeds. Humid air also aids with your sleep, helping you to rest easy, which in turn can help you better battle coughs and colds. Humid air can help allergens bind together easier, so they become heavier and fall to the ground rather than dispersing into the air in small particles, easing some allergy symptoms.


Humidifier PIS

Glowing skin

We’re all familiar with the chapped lips and dry skin that winter brings. Using a humidifier helps replenish the moisture in your skin, keeping it hydrated, plump and glowing. Moisturised skin produces less oil, so you can say goodbye to blackheads and breakouts. If you go to sleep with a humidifier running, you can also help prevent sore throats and puffy eyes in the morning.

Good for your home

Moisture in the air traps warmth, so it’s no surprise that a home with a humidifier will feel warmer during the winter, helping reduce your energy bills. If you have houseplants, they’ll also benefit. Many plants originate from tropical climes, so creating a more humid atmosphere in your home will help them thrive. Lots of plants suffer from browning leaves in the winter thanks to the drying air, so using a humidifier will remedy this, leaving your plants happy and healthy all year round. If you have wooden furniture or floors, dry air can suck the moisture from them, leaving them cracked and brittle, however, a humidifier can easily replace any lost moisture so your furniture looks as good as new!


Be careful not to confuse a humidifier (which adds moisture) with a purifier (which removes allergens). The two functions can be bought separately, but some units combine them, so it's always best to evaluate whether it's worth buying the hybrid depending on what you need a humidifier for.

You should also regularly clean your humidifier to prevent stagnant water and dirty water building up in the air. Monitor the use of your humidifier carefully - if you use it too much and the air becomes humid for too long, it can cause a build up of damp, mould, and bacteria, worsening any respitory illnesses. Too much humidity could also cause sinus headaches, and is often a migraine trigger too thanks to the pressure change in the air. The ideal level of humidity for the home is between 45% and 50%, and you can monitor this buy using a humidistat.

When used appropriately, a humidifier is the perfect accessory for your home over winter, and you can check out our full collection right here.

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