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Kit-out your Work From Home Set-up

More people are working from home every day now. At first, the novelty of sitting at home in your loungewear may seem thrilling, but after the first week of remote working, you need to start considering the benefits of having a good work from home set-up. Whilst it may be tempting to do your work sitting on the sofa or even on your bed, having a dedicated workspace in your home will clearly distinguish between work areas and relaxing areas. This can improve your mental well-being, productivity levels and motivation. Work takes up a large part of your life, so if you’re going to be working from home for a while, investing in a few essential items will make your life easier.


home office chair container

Not everyone has the space to have a home office, but having a corner of a room, specifically for your work, is a great way to ensure a good work-life balance. If you love the space you’re working in; you’ll be more likely to enjoy the time spent there. Make sure you have a desk you love that reflects your personality to keep yourself motivated throughout the day. If you’re going to be spending most of your day sitting at a desk, having a comfortable and supportive chair is also incredibly important. A good ergonomic chair will stop you from slouching and support your posture, saving you from endless back and neck pain.

Helpful gadgets

If you need an at-home assistant and work buddy, then the Amazon Echo will be perfect for you. The smart device can manage your calendar, make to-do lists, give you reminders and more, ideal for those who get lonely whilst working from home. Keeping your phone charged is crucial if you spend a large portion of your workday on phone calls. A wireless phone charger will keep your desk free from multiple cables and, if paired with wireless earbuds, allow you to charge your phone whilst taking important work calls with ease. Choose a stylish phone case to match other items on your desk to keep your workspace looking coordinated whilst protecting your phone from inevitable drops.


Spending an extended period typing on your laptop and using the trackpad can impact your joint health and posture and cause pain and discomfort. Try raising your laptop on a laptop stand to ensure your neck isn’t bending to look at the screen. Then attaching a separate ergonomic keyboard and a mouse to your laptop, essentially only using your laptop as a screen, can improve discomfort and help you to work effectively and efficiently. If you’re running out of USB slots in your laptop, a USB hub is ideal for linking your keyboard, mouse and phone all at the same time. Remember to keep all your gadgets clean and tidy; dust, debris and germs can lead to technical failures and spread bacteria. Using computer wipes at least once a week will extend the life of your devices and keep your workspace looking clean.

office lamp image square


Lighting is crucial; too bright or dark can cause headaches, eye strain and fatigue. Try to place your workspace in a place that gets a good amount of natural light. A desk lamp that provides soft light (but not too dim) for a mellow calm atmosphere is excellent for dark mornings and evenings. If you enjoy some background noise whilst you work, placing a radio nearby can replace office noise. Alternatively, playing your music through a speaker can also provide soothing background sounds whilst keeping you motivated.

Keep it organised

Keeping your desk organised and tidy is also vital to your productivity levels. Having a clutter-free work area will help keep your mind free from distraction. Choose a desk organiser that will suit your needs best, whether that’s a pencil pot, letter tray, or a set of drawers, find a helpful organiser that will keep your desk looking sleek and mess-free.



Working virtually can be a challenge to some; making a few important purchases can drastically change how you work from home and improve your daily quality of life. If you want to read more about choosing office furniture, read our Furnishing Your Home Office article.

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