Happy Pet Fun at the Fair Ladder
Product code: P408872
  • 24cm
  • 38cm
  • 42cm
  • Bright, charming design
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Keep your bird's brain and body active

Keep your feathered friend active and engaged with this Fun at the Fair Ladder. This charming ladder has bright multi-coloured rungs and hooks on the top, which makes it easy to attach - perfect for adding that extra finishing touch to any cage. Your bird will love to climb and explore different levels and views of their home while getting all the exercise they need - don't miss out on this bird owner's essential!

  • Disclaimer: Please note: To get the most enjoyment out of this toy for you and your pet, always supervise them when playing and remove the toy if it becomes damaged.
  • Material: Plastic

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