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Chandeliers ( products)

Chandeliers are a sophisticated alternative to traditional ceiling lighting and fixtures. These classy hanging lights come in a variety of styles and easily illuminate any space – we have chandeliers for bedrooms, dining room chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and cheap chandeliers – there are chandeliers for every taste and budget!

  • Find styles to suit every home decor theme
  • Create an opulent and elegant look in any room
  • Discover gorgeous designs to enhance your decor
  • Upgrade your ceiling lights for less than you think


Upgrade your ceiling lights and see how they can instantly transform your home.

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Offers Traditional and Modern Sophistication

Our chandeliers come in various beautiful designs to suit both contemporary and traditional homes. Whether you prefer the look of a more minimalist chandelier with simple and sleek lines and a smaller drop for understated glamour, or you want a large, sweeping design with crystals and a dramatic drop, we have the perfect fit for you here at The Range.

Smaller chandeliers are perfect for more compact rooms, allowing you to create a sense of luxury without overwhelming your space and making it feel smaller. Meanwhile, the larger chandelier light fixtures will fill cavernous ceilings in rooms with high walls to create a grand, traditional finish whilst infusing your home with bright light for practical everyday use and to create a gorgeous atmospheric feel.

Shop our stunning selection of chandeliers today.


Suitable for Almost any Room

Though chandeliers are often used for living rooms due to their inherent opulence, they can be styled in almost any room for a spectacular finishing touch that will draw the eye and make your home look more expensive than it is!

A well-placed crystal chandelier can provide a sense of splendour in the dining room to make any meal feel like a five-star dining experience, whilst a chandelier hanging light fixture in the bedroom is an indulgent option to provide an authentic French feel that wouldn't feel out of place in a grand hotel. Glass chandeliers can even be used in your home office and placed above your desk to ensure it's the main focal point in the room, create a light and bright atmosphere to work in, and help you feel more productive thanks to the harmonious, well-decorated look.

Discover the perfect chandelier to suit your room online.


Sleek or Ornate Designs

A sleek chandelier is a great choice for those who want opulence without fuss in their light fixtures. These simple and stylish chandeliers have a shorter drop and fewer arms, crystals, and elements to keep the decor of your room the main focus of the space. They often feature simple tones of black or silver for easy coordination with your home decor and will provide your space with a more contemporary finish.

An ornate chandelier with plenty of adornments, arms, and glass crystals will draw the eye upwards and fill your space for a lavish feel that will add an element of glamour to your room. They often come in stunning metallic finishes such as chrome, gold, and bronze for an antique feel and are available in everything from Gothic and Ballroom styles to suit your space.

Choose your favourite chandelier design and style at The Range.


Your Questions Answered

Which type of chandelier is best?

The type of chandelier that's best for your home will depend on your personal style, the size of your space, and how much light you need for the room. It should effortlessly and elegantly enhance the look of your decor for a formal look in your home. Choose a statement chandelier if your space is larger, but opt for Sputnik, shaded, or candle chandeliers for a more reserved effect on your ceiling.


Should your chandeliers match?

If you want a bold and lavish look in your room, then matching chandeliers will create a gorgeous, harmonious, aesthetically pleasing finish. However, a mismatched chandelier collection can provide a sense of character and show off your different design tastes. Decide how you want your chandeliers to complement your home or become the focal point, and compare styles to decide whether matching or mismatched will benefit your space most.

What are the rules for chandeliers?

When hanging a chandelier in the dining room, the bottom should hang between 30 and 36 inches above your dining table, assuming you have an 8-foot ceiling. In other rooms, try to ensure approximately seven feet of clearance beneath the chandelier for ease of movement.

Do chandeliers add value to homes?

Absolutely! A well-chosen chandelier can add plenty of value to your space, especially if you opt for a more expensive model to enhance the lavishness of your home. If your chandelier complements your home decor perfectly, it can be an extremely desirable feature for buyers once the house goes on the market.

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