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Wheelbarrows ( products)

Gardening just got easier thanks to our affordable wheelbarrows. Whether you need a compact trolley for collecting weeds or a builder's barrow for large garden projects, we’ve got what you need. Browse a huge selection of garden tools for every task.


  • Carrying capacity up to 99L
  • Heavy duty options hold up to 350 KG
  • Materials included steel, plastic and galvanised
  • Folding carts and children's trolleys available
  • Replacement wheels for various garden wheelbarrows


Shift garden items without straining your back - invest in a wheelbarrow today!

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Heavy-duty wheelbarrows you can rely on

Wheelbarrows are a gardener's best friend, no matter how big or small your project may be. From moving plants around to laying gravel to waste disposal, a wheelbarrow or cart is a trusty garden tool to own.


We offer both single-wheel and four-wheel options for effortless and stable manoeuvring. And if you're looking to complete your garden collection, you'll find utility carts, dump carts, foldable trolleys, and power barrows available online.


Don’t stop at wheelbarrows - gather all your garden essentials like shovels, spades and forks at The Range.

Plastic wheelbarrows

Lightweight, affordable and bright - that’s what you can expect from our selection of plastic wheelbarrows. Don’t be fooled by their portability and weight, they are capable of holding heavy loads and hauling large volumes with ease.


Choose from colours such as green, black or red to brighten up your garden.


Top tip: Why not channel your creative side and reuse your wheelbarrows as makeshift garden planters? They make beautiful containers when upcycled for decorative purposes!

Metal and galvanised wheelbarrows

If you need something tough, rust-proof and reliable, invest in a metal or galvanised wheelbarrow. If you’re a seasoned gardener or plan to wheel around concrete, brick or gravel, these hard-wearing carts ease the manual burden.


Industrial-strength wheelbarrows are great for garden landscaping jobs and long-term use. Our steel wheelbarrows are a handy tool when it comes to removing and carrying garden waste.


At The Range, we stock steel wheelbarrows capable of handling 65-95 litres, so you’ll never run out of capacity. All of our metal barrows are designed by trusted manufacturers and made with quality materials for maximum strength and durability.

Garden carts and trolleys for children

Get the kids involved with all your garden duties and get them their very own wheelchair. Our child-friendly garden tools are made for small hands and big imaginations, helping your child explore the great outdoors.


We’ve got an array of smaller wheelbarrows in fun and vivid colours to please little helpers. Whether you choose metal or plastic, each wheelbarrow has rubber grips that are soft on small hands.


As far as portable garden tools are concerned, our foldable carts are excellent for camping trips and festivals. They’re compact and transportable, making them perfect for gardening and travel.


Don’t spend a fortune transforming your garden, choose The Range for high-quality and low cost outdoor living products.


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