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Care and Maintenance of Water Features

Installing a water features in your garden can certainly add a sense of luxury and tranquillity to your space, but how do you keep it clean? Maintaining can make sure that your water feature stays looking brand new instead of neglected and drab. As with anything, it’s a good idea to keep on top of it to make your life easier in the long run! 

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Every week or so, remove any stray leaves or debris from the water. Skimming leaves off the top will help the water run freely through the system, as well as keep your water feature looking new and cared for. This may be worth considering when deciding on where to place your water feature. For example, if placed under a large tree, you may have to skim off the leaves more often. Use a bristle brush to clean the surface of your water feature of any algae, limescale or dirt. Ensure that you are not using a metal one, as this can cause damage. As previously suggested, doing this more frequently will make your life easier, as there won't be as much build-up.

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In addition, keep the filter and pump clean and clear to allow the water to pump through the system freely without any blockages. Regularly skimming off any unwanted debris can help this. Water features can look a bit sad when the water can’t flow through properly!


The key to clean, clear water is to test it regularly and correct any chemical imbalances. This is especially important if your feature is in a pond which contains fish. The best time to clean your water feature is probably early spring, which is perfect to get it looking sparkling for the Summer. It may be worth considering what you want to do with your water feature over the winter, as the water may freeze over in particularly cold temperatures.


Always remember to use the appropriate cleaning products to ensure you avoid causing any damage to your water feature or surrounding wildlife. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to care for your specific water feature, but we hope this guide has given you some help in covering the basics. Maintaining your water feature doesn't require a large amount of your time, but it can make a big difference to the tone of your garden, given that it is an eye-catching element.



A water feature can be a statement piece for your garden and can really define your aesthetic. For example, this Meditating Buddha Water Feature can give your garden a more bohemian feel, but this Ripple Wall Water Feature gives a more sleek, contemporary feel. Keeping your water feature clean will allow your water feature to be the centre of attention for all the right reasons. Take a look at our water features and accessories and turn your garden into a scene of serenity.

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