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Smoker BBQs ( products)

Enjoy the sensational taste of smoked food with a smoker BBQ. Our collection of smokers and grills brings out that traditional smokey flavour you’ve been waiting for. With prices starting from just £39.99, your new favourite outdoor cooking equipment is just a few clicks away.


  • Explore top smoker BBQ brands
  • Options for novice and pro barbecuers alike
  • Designed for easy transportation
  • Charcoal, briquettes and firelights are available


Fire up your Summer - shop at The Range for premium barbecues now.

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Smoker BBQs for mouth-watering flavour

When you want to blow your guests away with a 10/10 barbecue party, a top-quality smoker BBQ is a must. We’ve curated a collection of professional-grade smokers for your next big feast.


Not only do our smoker BBQs cook exceptionally well, but they also become a sleek centrepiece in your garden. From precision temperature control to spacious cooking surfaces, each smoker BBQ in our selection is made to enhance your tasty creations easily.


Here at The Range, we partner with leading brands to offer barbecues with innovative features, convenient BBQ accessories for elevated cooking, and jaw-dropping price tags.


Become the ultimate pitmaster with Smoker BBQs from The Range - shop today.

What sets our smoker BBQ collection apart?

Smoking meat until it falls apart and melts in your mouth takes time, effort and the right equipment. That’s why we spoil our customers with a diverse selection of smoker BBQs with special features and unbeatable quality.


  • Built-in thermometers: Maintain the right heat levels by picking a BBQ with internal temperature control. For flavourful, perfectly cooked meat, this feature is essential.
  • Multiple and removable shelves: When you’re cooking for a large family, spaciousness is key. Many of our smoker grills come with extra plates and griddles for all those extra tasty treats,
  • Multi-purpose: Some of our BBQs can be used as a fire pit, helping you cook and heat up your garden at the same time.
  • Portability: Don’t feel confined to the garden. Choose a smoker barbecue with wheels, so you can take it with you on your camping trip or to the neighbour’s garden party.
  • Reliable: Our BBQs feature spacious charcoal chambers and robust construction for reliable performance. They also include unique ventilation systems to ensure you enjoy perfectly balanced smoky flavours without harming your garden.

If you’re looking to switch from a traditional charcoal barbecue to a sophisticated smoker, now is the time. Thanks to our brilliant prices and beginner-friendly outdoor cooking facilities, you’ll be enjoying restaurant-quality meat in no time.

Create memorable moments and gorgeous food by shopping for BBQs and outdoor living products at The Range.


What’s the difference between a smoker and a charcoal BBQ?


A smoker is designed for low and slow cooking, ideal for smoking meats such as pulled pork and brisket over a longer period at lower temperatures. It uses a blend of indirect heat and smoke to intensify flavour and create tender results. A charcoal BBQ, on the other hand, is for fast grilling at higher temperatures, ideal for quickly searing and flame-grilling sausages, corn and more.

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