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Computer Chairs ( products)

Complete your workspace with an affordable office chair. From supportive ergonomic chairs to eye-catching designs that add a pop of colour, we have an option for every need in our office furniture collection.


  • Stay seated or opt for a mobile chair with wheels
  • Features include armrests, swivel functions, and removable headrests
  • Height-adjustable for maximum comfort
  • Choose from an array of breathable materials


Sit back, relax, and stay focused - shop our chairs today.

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All-day comfort meets style with our office chair collection

There’s a lot to be said about a high-quality desk or computer chair. Hours of concentrating on work or gaming with friends can take their toll - so you need a chair that is both functional and comfortable. And a touch of style wouldn’t hurt, either.


In our collection, you’ll find chair designs that pair perfectly with our affordable computer desks.


Faux leather office chairs have a classic appeal and fit seamlessly into all kinds of settings. Plus, the breathable material helps to regulate temperature during longer periods of sitting.


Alternatively, soft fabric finishes look and feel inviting. Available in a variety of shades and styles, you’re sure to find one that complements your desk. Oh, and our plush velvet office chairs are great if you’re after a bit of luxury.


Whether you’re finalising your home office, creating a cosy nook, or in need of something more supportive, there’s an option with your name on it.

Keep it simple or have fun with colour

Desk chairs serve a purpose, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. At The Range, our collection varies from sophisticated furniture pieces to ultra-modern and geometric designs - all of which deliver on quality.


If you’re looking for versatility, you can’t go wrong with a black office chair. Use it to elevate a contemporary interior or to create a professional office space in the home.


For a softer touch, why not choose a grey office chair instead? This elegant shade has a calming effect on any desk area, helping to relax you during the work day or get settled into an evening study session.


Our decorative chairs are ideal for those who feel inspired by colour. With vibrant shades and more muted tones available, you’ll easily find something that speaks to your personality.


Design your workspace your way.

Discover your perfect position with an ergonomic chair

Ergonomic is just a fancy way of saying ‘tailored to you’. And, when it comes to sitting at the computer for hours on end, being able to maintain a good posture is key.


Our ergonomic office chairs are designed to support your body’s natural alignment. Fully equipped with a variety of features, including armrests, a reclining backrest, and a large padded headboard, you can enjoy comfort without compromise.


Start browsing to uncover your ideal fit.

High-end chairs to level up your gaming experience

Calling all gaming enthusiasts…


Our durable and cutting-edge gaming chairs certainly look the part, but they also offer an unmatched level of comfort. And to help you stay immersed in the game, our chairs come with a few additional features, without the scary price tag. These include:


  • Built-in surround sound system
  • Set the mood with LED lighting
  • Enjoy an enhanced experience with sound-reactive vibration
  • Lumbar support to relieve back pain
  • Concealed storage space for snacks and controllers


Whether you need a small desk chair, a collapsable option that can be easily stored, or a rocking seat for your gaming den, we’ve got you covered.


Shop now and escape into a world of gaming.

Your office chair questions answered

What type of office chair is best for posture?

The right office computer chair doesn’t just help you sit up straight. It supports your overall well-being too. This is especially important if you work from home all week.


So, which office chair should you go for?


A chair with adjustable features is usually the best choice for ensuring optimum comfort and support. Change the height to suit a lower desk or opt for a high-back design if you use monitor stands.

Should you choose an office chair with wheels?

A chair with wheels is common for many home offices and other workspaces. Offering added convenience, it allows you to move around and reach different areas of your desk with little effort required.


On the other hand, if you have uneven flooring or you’re after a versatile furniture piece that can double as an extra seating option, you might prefer a chair without wheels.


At The Range, we have both options. Discover yours today.

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