Gender Pay Gap Report 2017
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Gender Pay Gap Report

The gender pay gap measures the difference between the earnings of men and women within an organisation and looks at both the mean and the median rates of pay within the company.

This is the gender pay gap report for CDS (Superstores International) Limited, trading as The Range. We confirm the published information is accurate and has been verified by Nigel Oddy, Chief Executive Officer.


Difference in hourly rates of pay

Our mean gender pay gap is 5.4%
In other words, women’s average hourly rate is 5.4% lower than men’s, so for every £1 men earn at The Range, women earn 95p.

Our median gender pay gap is 0%
In other words, the median hourly rate for women is the same as for men.

Mean (the average)
To get the average pay rate for a woman in the company, we add together the hourly rates of every female member of staff, then divide that sum by the number of female staff. We do the same for the men, then compare the two average rates of pay. The difference between the two shows the mean gender pay gap.

Median (the middle)
To get the median pay rate for women in the company, we rank the pay rate for every woman in the company, from the highest to the lowest. The pay rate of the woman in the middle of the ranking is the median women’s pay rate. We do the same for the men working in the company, then compare the two middle rates of pay. The difference between the two shows the median gender pay gap.


Proportion of women in each pay quartile

Top quartile (highest paid)
51.5% of the top quartile are women

Upper middle quartile
64.2% of the upper middle quartile are women

Lower middle quartile
63.8% of the lower middle quartile are women

Lower quartile (lowest paid)
52.3% of the lower middle quartile are women

Quartiles are produced by ranking every member of staff, male and female, from the highest to the lowest rates of pay then dividing the whole staff into four equal groups. The proportion of women in each quartile gives an indication of how many women there are at different levels of the organisation.


Bonus Pay

How many of our staff received bonus pay?
0.6% of women
3.3% of men

Our bonus pay gender pay gap
Women’s mean bonus pay is 49.6% lower than men’s
Women’s median bonus pay is 65.5% lower than men’s