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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Planning My Wedding

No one needs telling how important it is that your wedding day goes perfectly. There are so many things to take care of in the run up to the big day that whether you have a wedding planner or if you’ve decided to go for the increasingly popular DIY wedding, it can all be tad overwhelming. Read on for our essential list of things you need to know before beginning your wedding day plans.

1. Splurge on the important things

You’ll know where you want to spend the money on for your wedding day. One bride said from the start she wanted three things: a beautiful dress, a long walk to show off the beautiful dress and a free bar. Everything else was secondary – the venue was her old school; the guests did the décor and ran the bar. And it was fabulous, basically because the bride got what she wanted. Whether it’s the venue, the dress, the meal, the band, the ace photographer – or all of the above! – splurge on the things that are important to you and everything else will fall into place.

Rice Confetti Throw at Wedding

2. Be decisive

Being indecisive when planning your wedding is as irritating as being bridezilla. It’s your day and only you can make sure it goes to plan. Having said that, you can’t do everything, so part of being decisive is being able to delegate and let people help. Another good point to make here is to do things on your wedding day that you want to do, not just because it’s tradition.

3. You will annoy someone

Understand that there is going to be at least one argument, bust up or row in the run up to the big day. Planning a wedding is stressful, and while your point of view is the most important, there will be voices raised. Embrace this, because even if you haven’t made up before your wedding day, all is forgiven on the day itself.

4. Meet & greet, taste & listen

Personal recommendations are all well and good for narrowing the field for your florist/caterer/photographer/band, but when making the final decision make sure you have personally checked out who will be supplying goods or services for the big day. The only surprises you want on the day are nice ones!

wedding planning notebook

6. Make a list

It is crucial to be organised in your planning. If you don’t buy a wedding planner notebook, then at least make a checklist of all the things you need to do and when you need them done.

7. Do nothing last minute

Have the night off before your wedding. Plan nothing: no rehearsal dinner and certainly no hen or stag nights. Go ahead and meet close friends and family, but plan no occasion. Have a relaxing evening, do what you want to do and try to get a good night’s sleep.

8. Have a first aid kit

On the day itself, make sure that someone has a first aid kit containing at least some allergy pills, ibuprofen, paracetamol and plasters. It’s amazing how many people find themselves allergic to the flowers or be hobbled by blisters! If you’ve got it covered, there will be fewer tears! It's a good idea to pop in a Compact Sewing Kit for any fashion emergencies, too!


9. Eat

On the big day, you might not feel like eating, but you’ll be thankful later for the breakfast you ate. The day will whizz by and you’ll be so busy that food often falls by the wayside. Another good idea is to organise some food for your room for the end of the night. It might not hit you till you stop just how hungry you are!

10. Get photos of your guests

You’ll have given a list of must have shots to the photographer and most of them will be of the wedding party. But make sure your photographer takes loads of photos of all the guests. You’re hardly likely to forget who your bridesmaids were, but it’s amazing how many old friends’ faces (and stories) come roaring back to you when you flick through your wedding album later! Another good idea to ensure some alternative photos is to have disposable cameras on every table so guests can click away even after the photographer has gone home!

And one last idea (although some might say this is extreme) is that some couples recommend getting married in secret before the big day. You already have your special day in your heart, so when your mum insists that great Aunt Mary must be invited, you’ll be okay with it.


All that’s left to say now is congratulations, good luck and have fun! Forever and ever.

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