Cool & Quirky Valentine's Day Gifts For Any Type Of Relationship
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Cool & Quirky Valentine's Day Gifts For Any Type Of Relationship

While many people adore Valentine’s Day and eagerly await the opportunity to spend some romantic quality time with their significant other, everybody knows somebody who isn’t that fussed about it. Whether it’s because they’re single and feel they have no one to celebrate it with, or they’re not fond of extravagant bunches of roses and decadent chocolates, the number of people who consider traditional Valentine’s gifts to be ‘not their style’ seems to be growing. Sometimes, amongst all the vivid red heart decorations and sparkling gifts of jewellery and perfume, it’s easy to forget that Valentine’s day isn’t meant to be about the cash splashed on your lover. It’s about love itself.

Whether you’re currently in a romantic relationship or not, everyone has someone they love and who loves them in return; it might be a partner, but it might also be a lifelong friend or a family member, and Valentine’s Day is still a fantastic opportunity to remind that person how important they are to you. So, here are some slightly different Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are bound to make anyone’s heart swell.


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Grow Your Own Flowers/Plants Kit: A great alternative to classic bouquets, flower growing sets allow your recipient to put their own love and care into the plant, and they’re much less likely to die off within a week! Perfect for any friend or lover who adores gardening, this kind of gift will often be packaged with a pretty pot and can be found with flowers, vegetables, herbs, or cacti, so both you and them will still feel like they’re receiving something beautiful.

Comfy Pyjamas & Blankets or Cushions: If you and your loved one love chilling and being cosy together, then some fashionable pyjamas and something fluffy to snuggle up with is the perfect present! Pair this with a movie night, and you’ll get to spend some quality time together as they appreciate your warming gift!

Relationship Bucket List: Whether you’re friends, lovers, or family members, there’s surely a things you’ve always dreamed of doing together. Whether it’s a backpacking trip around Europe, a set of movies you want to watch together, or a list of adrenaline-inducing activities, sitting down and creating a beautiful bucket list to complete shows you really know them. Go a step further, and maybe organise for the first on the list to be completed!

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Scrapbook of Memories: This one might require a little more work, but will definitely pay off. Perfect if you’re the creative sort, filling a scrapbook with photos of you and your friend or partner, along with any other nostalgic tidbits you know are important to them, will surely fill them with happiness. Check out our article on Scrapbooking to get some initial ideas!

Homemade Cakes or Sweets: Another great, creative twist on a classic Valentine’s Day gift, making your own delicious cakes or chocolates shows that you’ve really put some effort in. By making your own, you’ll also be able to make sure they’re filled with flavours you know your loved one will adore! You could also try and fit them into a theme of something you know they love too, like their favourite film series or aesthetic trend.

Cook a Meal: This might be the most classic gift idea on this list, but honestly, nothing can beat a homecooked meal. Whether you serve them breakfast in bed, create a sweet picnic-like lunch, or cook up a fancy dinner, you’re loved one is sure to appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into filling both their stomach and their heart.


Five Senses Hamper: Not sure of which of the fantastic ideas above to gift your favourite person? Consider combining them into one pretty basket. Find five gifts, each of which will stimulate a sense. A scented candle for smell, some sweets for taste, something fluffy or silky for touch, a stunning piece of art or an ornament for sight, a short playlist full of meaningful songs for hearing… the possibilities here are endless. You can get creative with this, and tailor it to whoever you're gifting it to, again reminding them that Valentine’s Day is meant to be about the love you share, whether that be romantic or platonic.

Still need more inspiration for your Valentine’s Day plans? Check out our articles on the perfect Valentine's Day breakfast and ideas for some more traditional gifts!

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