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Summer Craft Ideas for Children

Stuck on how to keep your youngsters entertained during the warmer months? If so, then our handy guide covers an array of engaging craft-based activities that are sure to impress any keen crafter. From paint projects to colouring creations, here at The Range we've got an extensive collection of Kids Craft essentials that are perfect for getting stuck into - boredom busting guaranteed!


Kids Summer Craft Ideas

Crafting Essentials

Stocking up on all the essentials ahead of a craft project is vital - you don't want your little one to run out of their favourite paint halfway through their next masterpiece. Here at The Range we've got everything from paints to paper packs, crayons to craft scissors. With an extensive collection of versatile embellishments such as pipe cleaners, tissue paper, stickers, and even an impressive selection of much-loved googly eyes, we've got just what your youngster needs to piece together their next sensational summer showstopper with ease.

Looking for a handy storage solution to help keep all their bits and bobs stored neatly? Why not opt for a practical storage caddy - perfect for filling to the brim with crafting essentials.

Wonderful Windmills

Ensure your little ones make the most of the summer weather by combining the outdoors with their next craft project! DIY windmills are perfect for hanging, mounting, and stringing up in your garden.

All you'll need is a paper pack, a flat-end map pin or a push pin, a thin tube or dowelling stick, and an array of craft accessories for decorating - this can be either stickers, paints, or colouring pencils

  1. Simply cut two 20cm squares of paper (one of each colour is best). Fold each piece in half diagonally and then open out, then repeat for the opposite diagonal and fold out. You will then have two squares of paper, each with two 'X' lines crossing over in the centre.

  2. Following each line, cut along the fold diagonally towards the centre of the paper. Stop cutting approx. 3cm from the centre of the paper. Repeat this for all 8 corners (two paper squares)

  3. Fold four alternate corner sections down into the centre of the paper. Keep hold of each folded section with your thumb and finally seal them in place with help from a sticker or piece of tape.

  4. Finally, use a push-pin to secure the windmill (through the centre sticker) to a dowelling stick or thin tube. Make sure you don't push too hard as this will restrict the windmill from turning.

summer kids craft ideas

Rock Painting

No matter whether you collect stones from home or a local beach, rock painting is a fun, simple, and relatively cost-effective way for your youngsters to express their artistic persona. With the correct paintbrush, paints, and embellishments, transforming a smooth pebble into something stylish is sure to provide hours of endless entertainment. Metallic paints are a great option for adding vibrancy, they can use glitter glue to add a touch of glamour and if they want to add even more detail they can opt for fun embellishments such as wiggly eyes or exciting Foam.

Rainy day? If the weather's not looking great for your planned craft day, then why not opt for all-in-one rock painting kits - these are designed to save you from heading outside to collect your own materials.

Creative Kites

Both fun to create and fun to fly, creating your own miniature craft kite is a great way to help keep your little one engaged for longer this Summer. With plenty of designs to create and with the opportunity to get weird and wacky with their decorative accessories, here's what they'll need:

  • Card Packs / Tissue Paper - Card packs are perfect for snipping and styling when it comes to creating your own kite. For more decorative purposes, why not accentuate your kite with tissue paper? Fluttering in the wind, tissue paper is sure to help your creation soar stylishly.

  • String / Craft Tapes - When it comes to keeping the frame of your kite together, whether you opt for sticks, thin tubes, or durable straws, crafting essentials such as craft string or tape are the best options - both are great for sticking and holding together an array of elements.

  • Ribbons - Looking to create a tantalising tail that flutters in the wind? Bows and ribbons are sure to gather attention when combined together at the base of your kite. Designed to flow elegantly in the breeze, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to accessorising your creative kite.

For more inspiration on how to keep your youngster creatively entertained throughout the summer, check out our Top Painting Projects for Kids article.

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