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Pet Dog in Party Hat

Throwing the Perfect Pet Party

Every member of your family should be celebrated on at least one day of the year, and your pet is no exception. Offering unconditional love and support, your furry or fluffy friend deserves to be spoilt. Here’s our guide to throwing a great bash for your best animal buddy.


The first thing you need to do is choose a suitable spot for your soirée. Consider the size of your location in relation to the number of guests you’re inviting. An enclosed space is safest, but a small back garden won’t be suitable for 10 large dogs. Dog parks are a great choice so think about areas of your local park you could host in. For cats or other smaller pets, houses should be fine.


Birthdays are the most common reason to throw a bash. If your pet is pedigree, then their birthday can be found on their certificate. If you don’t know their birthday, choose the day that you adopted them or they became a part of your family.

Invite other animals that yours has met before so you know they get along. Avoid putting pets with aggressive tendencies on the guest list or there may be a dog fight.

Dogs Playing in Park Pet Party


Every good party has a theme, so get thinking. Cartoon characters or superheroes are a favourite. No matter how many legs they stand on, all of your guests can get dressed up. For an extra bit of fun and creativity, handcraft your invitations to match your chosen theme.


Schedule a meet and greet time at the beginning to allow the animals to have a good sniff around and get to know one another.

Most pups and felines will be happy to entertain themselves and play with their friends so leave balls and other toys laying around for them. Tug of war with humans or other dogs are always fun and you could even set up an obstacle/agility course. Paddling pools and sprinklers are a great idea if it’s hot – though cats might not appreciate this.

Set aside a large cage or pen for animals that are acting up to separate them from the group and give them time to calm down.

pet party birthday party

Food & Drink

After plenty of excitement and running around, your furry guests are sure to get hungry. Ensure you have enough food and treats for all of them. Check that the feed is suitable for all attendees by asking owners to write down any dietary requirements on their RSVP. Speak to your local pet shop if you're unsure. If some animals require special feed, ask the owner to bring it with them to ensure their companion is properly accommodated.


If you'd like to make a celebratory cake for your pooch, then check out our tasty and nutritional recipes here.


Water will be in high demand, especially if you're hosting on a hot day! For a cute touch, buy a bowl for each guest and personalise it with their name and embellishments - they can take these home at the end as a party gift.


Don't forget about your human guests in all the prep and planning, they'll need feeding too! Finger buffets or a BBQ are always a great idea. Be mindful of where you set this up and make sure it can't be reached by any curious critters. They might not appreciate a personalised bowl as much as the animals so set up a variety of drinks in decanters. It's also worth noting that, while dogs and cats aren't too fussed about plates and cutlery, these are probably worth purchasing for all attendees with apposable thumbs.


Shop our full collection of pet products and treats to truly spoil them on their special day.

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