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Guinea Pig Pet Guide Grass

Guide to Owning a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are cute, chatty rodents that make great pets for the whole family. They can live up to 6 years and beyond, making ideal pets for older children and teenagers. They’re sociable little creatures, enjoying human interaction and preferring to live in groups. Here’s our guide to owning a guinea pig, helping you to keep them healthy and happy.

Housing your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs can grow up to 30cm long, so need a large cage that gives them plenty of space. They shouldn’t be kept alone, so the space needs to be big enough for at least two guinea pigs to live together. Their cage should be kept somewhere at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and draughts. Cover their floor with dust extracted wood chip, especially sold for use with pets. Wooden houses provide them with a place to retreat, which is really important for their well being, as they can get stressed otherwise. If you have a garden with grass, your guinea pigs will love an outdoor run that’s placed directly on the grass. Remember not to leave out in the wind and rain however!  

Cute Guinea Pig Eating Leaf

Feeding your Guinea Pig

Unlike other rodents, guinea pigs can’t make their own Vitamin C, and can only get this from their food. Because of that, it’s really important to buy specialist guinea pig food that’s been fortified with vitamin C. Nugget pellets are better than a muesli mix, as guinea pigs will just rummage around and pick out their favourite bits, leaving the rest. Good quality, dry hay should be the main part of their diet. This is essential roughage for them, helping their digestion. Guinea pigs love greens such as dandelions, carrot tops and kale. Too much can make them ill however, so all good things in moderation! Crunchy carrots and apples are firm favourites too. Feeding is very important for healthy teeth too, reading our guide to healthy teeth will help keep your guinea pig healthy.

guide to guinea pig care

Keeping them happy

Guinea pigs are social animals, living in large groups when in the wild. They thrive with companionship, and shouldn’t be kept alone. They enjoy human interaction, and will learn to recognise you. Guinea pigs can be handled comfortably, although you will need patience to get them accustomed to it. These little rodents are prey animals, so will associate being handled with being eaten. It will take some time and patience to earn their trust. But when you do, you’ll be greeted with a cuddly, lovable pet who will love to squeak and chatter to you.



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