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A Guide to Wild Camping in the UK

Wild camping is a great way to get reconnected with nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of camping and caravan sites, you can unplug from the real world, experience the soothing sounds and calming atmosphere of the great wilderness, and watch wonderful sunrises and sunsets in places otherwise inaccessible.

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Introduction to Wild Camping

Wild camping is perfect for people going on a two or three-day hike through national parks, or for people simply wanting to sleep underneath the stars. Braving the wild with no facilities to fall back on can be a real thrill and allow you to appreciate your surroundings even more. However, it is important to note that wild camping is illegal in most places in the UK without the landowner’s permission, with the exception of Dartmoor and Scotland. Farmers and estate owners are often happy to accommodate wild campers, so it’s worth finding out who owns the land you’re planning your camp and asking permission. For a list of great places to camp, check out the Our Favourite Camping Spots article

Rules to Follow

When wild camping it is important to follow these key rules:

1. Make sure you avoid areas with ‘no camping’ signs unless you have permission.

 2. 'Leave no trace' is one of the most important rules when wild camping. You want to leave the camp spot exactly how you found it, so make sure you avoid knocking over flowers and shrubbery, don’t light any fires, and take all your rubbish away with you.

3. Keep noise level to an absolute minimum.

4. Arrive late at night and leave first thing in the morning.

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What to Bring

You’ll need the usual camping essentials, check out our Top Camping Essentials article to see more about that. A key difference to camping normally is making sure you have a small and inconspicuous tent, anything too big or bright will draw unwanted attention to yourself. Something like the Summit Eiger Treker Double Sized Tent is perfect for wild camping as it is lightweight, compact and great quality.

Instead of a tent, you can opt for a bivvy bag, essentially just a waterproof sack for your sleeping bag. A bivvy bag is a lot easier to carry than a tent and allows you to admire the stars whilst falling asleep, however, if rain is forecasted this may not be the best idea.

As you’re likely to be carrying your equipment a fair distance, you’ll want to pack lightly. Keep your cooking equipment to a minimum, a small stove, saucepan and a spoon or fork is the most you’ll need. With the unpredictable British weather, you’ll need warm clothing to keep the night-time chill away and make sure you’ve got some waterproof supplies, such as a raincoat, all year round.

A great way to experience nature, wild camping can be excellent for your mental and physical health. This is the perfect activity for those needing to destress and unwind from daily life. If you’re interested in giving wild camping a try, check out our extensive collection of camping essentials.

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