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Creative Ideas for your Egg Chair

Year after year, egg chairs continue to skyrocket in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Uniquely shaped, stylish, and incredibly comfortable are just a few of their positive traits. But perhaps what makes them so special are the many ways they can be decorated, leaving you with a luxurious space to relax. With that in mind, here are some of the numerous creative ideas you can consider to make the most of your egg chair.

An Intimate Place to Sit

If, like many, you prefer your egg chair to be outdoors, consider placing it under a gazebo for a soothing nighttime experience. After a long day, you can sink into whatever soft cushions you prefer, but to really nail that comfort aspect, some faux fur cushions work wonders at putting your body into a state of absolute bliss, and you can keep warm with a few fur throws to match. Take this further by illuminating both the gazebo and egg chair with some beautiful string lights. Finish by lighting a fire pit several feet in front of you, switch on a few lanterns, perhaps some flameless candles, and you have yourself an intimate, cosy space each and every night.


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Bringing Nature to You

As we’ve said, it’s extremely common for an egg chair to sit outside, mostly on a patio or porch so people can zone out and enjoy the greenery. If you’re one of those people, have you ever considered replicating the feeling of being outdoors in the comfort of your own home? To achieve this, find an isolated corner of a room and start decorating your egg chair by firstly wrapping it in a rich green garland. Designed to be incredibly realistic, a single garland can give your space a naturalistic vibe, so feel free to add a few more to your surroundings, such as on a bookshelf or mantelpiece. For your chair's soft furnishings, set down some outdoor cushions that burst with colour, especially if they feature plants.

You can play around with this nature-themed idea by having consistency with your colours. For example, you could place some yellow cushions on your chair with a luscious sunflower garland thrown over it, finishing by displaying a faux sunflower in a vase nearby. Once everything is set up, we recommend a lovely bowl of potpourri that releases a gorgeous floral scent.

egg chair square

More Theme Ideas

Keeping in mind this idea of specific themes, the possibilities for decorating your egg chair are truly endless. A fox enthusiast, for example, could opt for a fox pillow, plush, an orange throw, and stunning autumn-themed garlands. If you're a fan of the ocean, blue cushions featuring some fish certainly help, but by adding a fish pillow, an oceanic ornament or two nearby, and some coastal potpourri, you have an egg chair set-up that really drives home a theme. Whatever ideas you have for your egg chair, what you need to make it a reality is most likely out there!


Simple is Sometimes Best

Despite an egg chair's potential being almost limitless, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple. If you don’t want a particular theme, feel free to mix and match soft furnishings and other decorations. You could have a few random cushions and throws, a lovely diffuser or scented candle, a plant or two, and a comfy rug at your feet. In fact, you could just let your garden act as a stunning backdrop and leave your chair be!


We hope this has given you an idea as to what you can do with these fantastic chairs. If you want to take a look through our Home Furnishings Department to help with your ideas, please do so. And if you need an egg chairs of your own, we have you covered.


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