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Choosing the Best Outdoor Furniture for Hotels

For those looking to create the perfect outdoor space for their hotel or hospitality venue, you’ll want the best quality furniture at the best price to ensure your space looks its best every month of the year with minimal maintenance for the comfort of your guests. Your style may depend on the atmosphere you want to create, whether a sophisticated and luxurious chill-out space for guests to relax during warmer weather or a cosy, rustic cottage feel that will impress even in winter.

To make the choices easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most important aspects to consider when looking for the ideal outdoor furniture for your hotel or commercial space.


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This will be the most essential thing to consider when choosing hotel furniture. The British weather isn’t always the best, no matter how much we’d like it to be, so ensuring your outdoor furniture can withstand high winds, heavy rain, and cold snaps are a must! They’ll also need to cope with direct sunshine with little fading and becoming brittle.

We recommend furniture with high-quality frames made from durable materials such as aluminium. Aluminium is lightweight, robust, and doesn’t rust or decay – it has a modern feel and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Wood is also popular as it’s classic, comfortable, and easy to coordinate with most spaces and atmospheres. However, wooden furniture does need semi-regular maintenance to keep the finish and colour looking their best.

High Quality Fabrics

Once you know what frame material you want, it’s time to look at fabrics. Once again, we’re focusing on fabrics and materials that will suit all weather conditions, but you’ll also want to ensure it can withstand regular use.

Polyester is a popular choice as it’s cheaper than some other fabrics – ideal if you’re trying to deck out your space on a budget – and it’s durable, resistant to water damage, and quick-drying. However, polyester tends to fade quickly, so keeping this furniture in shadier spots is best.

Other options include textilene, which is waterproof and mould-resistant, and acrylic and propylene, which tend to be more resistant to UV fading.

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Customers (and staff!) might often need to move furniture around to accommodate larger groups and put things back where they belong for cleaning or private events. The easier your furniture is to move, the more convenient it will be for everyone using your outdoor space. You should find a sweet spot between being light enough to move and heavy enough to prevent the wind from knocking it over.

Function & Style

Look around your outdoor area and decide whether you want to block or enhance the view. If there isn’t much of a pleasant view for guests to appreciate, then larger, bulkier pieces of furniture might be the way forward, as they can distract from less attractive areas and help to create a comfortable, private space. If you have a view to be proud of from your terraced area, then opt for lighter pieces of furniture, such as cast metals with breathtaking details, so customers can ‘see through’ the furniture for a focus on your tranquil surroundings.


Choose a few large conversation and dining sets, perfect for big groups getting together, alongside smaller bistro sets for those looking to enjoy a quiet moment during their stay to give guests the most options to suit their requirements.

Another aspect to consider is the general style of your furniture. Do you have a modern and sophisticated hotel mainly frequented by working professionals? Aim for practical yet comfortable furniture in classic monochrome colours, ideal for day meetings and evening relaxation.

If you’re a family-friendly venue near the countryside, metal and wood patio furniture sets might be more suitable for a home-away-from-home feel.

Is your hotel in a prime location for holidaymakers? Ensure your furniture suits the city or town you’re in (such as blue tones and soft lines for areas near the sea or stone effects and vintage patterns for those in places of historical interest) and features soft, sumptuous, comfortable cushions for true relaxation every morning and evening.

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