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Laundry Room Linen and Peg Bag

Laundry Room Essentials

Let’s face it, the laundry room probably isn’t our favourite room in the house. Usually a small add-on to the kitchen, they can get quickly overwhelmed with dirty clothes and bottles of cleaning products. Keep your laundry room organised and chaos-free with these essentials, making laundry day that little bit less daunting. 

laundry container 2


Large Laundry Basket 

Rather than keeping dirty laundry in bedrooms, keep everything together in a large laundry basket. This saves you from carrying multiple washing baskets around the house and puts all your unwashed clothes out of sight. Plastic baskets are practical and heavy-duty, allowing you to see what needs washing at a glance. Wicker and fabric baskets add a more stylish touch and hide away the sight of your dirty clothes. 


An airer is essential for those who don't have a tumble dryer, or for delicate clothing items that need to dry gently. Airers don’t take up space, folding down into a compact design that can easily be stored away in a cupboard. They’re also great for cold and rainy days when you can’t dry your clothes outside.

Storage Baskets 

From cleaning products and laundry detergents to sponges, dishcloths and odds and ends, storage baskets are perfect for keeping your laundry room organised. Stylish wicker baskets look very pretty on display, while see-through perspex boxes are ideal for easy access to whatever you need.

laundry square

Pegs & Coat Hangers

Keep these staples on hand by storing them in your laundry room. If you hang your washing out on a line, then keeping a bag of pegs nearby will save you time, allowing you to make the most of those dry, sunny days. Not to mention it keeps them in one place for you, making it less likely for them to disappear around the house. 

Ironing Board 

Ironing boards can be bulky items to store away, especially if you’re tight on cupboard space. Using a bracket to hang it on the wall is a handy alternative, and allows you to make the most of any empty wall space in your utility room. You can always purchase an attractive ironing board cover if yours has burn marks and water stains. 

Cleaning products

Essential for keeping your laundry hygienically clean and smelling fresh, detergent and fabric softener is a must-have for every laundry room. It's also handy to have stain removers around in case of accidents, tumble dryer sheets, crease releaser spray to make sure your clothes are looking their best and washing machine cleaner to prevent build-ups of dirt and limescale.


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