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Money Saving Life Hacks

Becoming more energy efficient is good for the environment and great for saving money. This guide to making your home more energy efficient includes simple life hacks that, if adopted, will see your fuel bills drop and your sense of general wellness increase.


  • Turn down your thermostat - just a degree or two. Wear a jumper or snuggle up under a blanket instead.

  • Switch providers. Use comparison sites and search around to find the best deals available.

  • Hang thick curtains and close them at night. Windows are the next big energy loss areas in your home after the roof and walls.

  • Draught proof your front door (including the letter box), and lay down a big rug on tiles in winter.

  • Have a winter and a summer duvet to keep you warmer or cooler while you sleep.

  • Take a shower not a bath, and install a water saving shower head and taps.

  • Fix any leaky taps and flush only when necessary – remember to be mellow when it's yellow!

  • Open a window instead of using an extractor fan.

  • Fill a bottle with water and store it in the fridge. Don't run the tap every time you want a glass of cold water.

  • Boil only what you need in the kettle. Tea tastes better with fresh water anyway.

  • Unless clothes are really dirty, only use the 30º setting on your washing machine.

  • Line dry your laundry. If (well, when) it’s raining, use an indoor airer instead of an energy-guzzling tumble drier.

lifehacks outdoor airer
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room.

  • Switch your incandescent bulbs to CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) or LEDs. They save up to 75% on energy and last longer.

  • Turn off the taps while brushing your teeth.

  • Use a bowl for washing up, or the eco setting on your dishwasher.

  • Switch off electricals when they're not in use. All appliances on standby use electricity and, while it's a relatively small amount, it all adds up.

  • Don’t charge your phone overnight, it’ll be plugged in and using power for hours while fully charged.

  • Put lids on pots and pans when bringing anything to the boil.

  • Let leftovers cool before putting them in the fridge. Your fridge will have to work harder to cool the air again, and use more electricity doing it.

  • BBQ as often as you can, plant veggies, and staycation in the UK.

  • Carpool, cycle and walk whenever possible.


  • A really long-term but free energy saving solution is to plant a tree in front of (but not too close to) south facing walls. This will provide shade in summer so there’s less need for fans and air conditioning.

For bigger projects that'll save you money in the long-run, read our guide to making your home more energy efficient.

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