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Warm Winter Throws Cushions

How to Sleep Warm this Winter

Sleep is an important aspect of day-to-day life so your bed should be a place of comfort and relaxation where you can hibernate for around 8 hours a night. Maintaining the perfect temperature throughout the year can be a struggle, so here’s our guide for a cosy slumber on cold winter nights...


The tog rating of a duvet determines how thick it is and what season it’s suitable for. A lower tog of 2.5 - 7 is perfect for keeping you cool in the summer, while a higher tog provides more insulation to trap heat and keep you toasty. We recommend swapping out your low-tog duvet for a rating of 10.5, 13.5, or 15 during winter.


If changing your duvet for the season is too much hassle, or you don’t have space to store a second, blankets and throws are the ultimate solution. Available in plenty of stylish designs from faux fur to checked or floral, they’ll enhance your décor while supplying an extra layer of warmth. Plus, you can drag them from the bed to the sofa when you fancy snuggling up in front of the TV.


Slightly more sophisticated than a throw or blanket, bedspreads are designed as a warm, decorative cover for your bed. Coming in a variety of classic patterns from quilted to floral, bedspreads can be placed over your duvet to create an inviting retreat from the frost.

Mattress Protector

While there’s no need to swap out your mattress during winter, adding an extra layer to it is an effective way of insulating your sleeping area. You can replace or cover your usual mattress protector with a soft touch filling to help your bed retain heat throughout the night.

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The function of cushions is often looked over in favour of style when we furnish our bedroom. As well as creating a lovely display during the day, plump scatter cushions provide desirable insulation at night, especially when covered in a shaggy layer of faux fur. Instead of throwing them off the bed when you dive into the sheets, try moving them to your sides or around your feet to keep off the frost.


Dressing yourself for winter is just as important as dressing your bed. Put away the skimpy summer pyjamas and bring out your full-length sleeves and jogging bottoms. A onesie and slippers are also great for keeping you snug as you wind down before bed.

Hot Water Bottles

Besides frosty car windows and dark evenings, another winter hardship is climbing into freezing bedsheets and waiting for them to warm up. Fill up a hot water bottle 30 minutes before bedtime and place it under your duvet to comfortably raise the temperature.


Take a look through our fantastic selection of bedding to find a beautiful set for you to feel cosy in as you fall asleep, and make sure to check out our selection of loungewear for men, women, and kids to make sure you can feel super snuggly as you relax in the evenings.

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