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A Guide To Great Garden Machinery

For Your Lawn

Keeping your lawn neat and tidy is considered a chore by a lot of people; lugging a heavy lawn mower up and down the garden, worrying about tripping over a wire… a decent mower or grass trimmer can make cutting your lawn a breeze!

Nowadays, an electric lawn mower is probably the best choice for any average garden. You'll be able to find cordless models, giving you a lot more freedom of movement and taking a way the hassle of having to set up extension cords. There's also some super lightweight ones out there; Black and Decker has designed one that weighs just 7kg, they're ideal for anyone who wants to get they're lawn tidied up quickly. Plus, a lot of electric mowers can run off recharagble batteries, making them kinder on the envroment, which is a vital consideration for most gardeners and landscapers in their aim to create a beautiful enviroment around them. 

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However, if you've got a large garden or a lot of land, an electric lawn mower just might not cut it. A petrol lawn mower is the best choice if you have a large piece of land to care for, such as a space over 200 square metres. While they may be bulkier and less energy effecient, they're absolutely full of power and can cover larger areas of land a much more quickly.

If you want to take your lawn care to the next level, then a grass trimmer will allow increased dexterity for the corners and edges of your lawn. Great for gardens with a lot of flowerbeds or winding pathways that need delicate handling, then a line trimmer is ideal for neatening the up the grassy edges to let your flowers shine. Again, grass trimmers are a lightweight option for garden machinery, some not even reaching 2kg.

For Your Foliage

Some gardeners merely want to keep their trees and busheslooking neat, while others want to make fun and artistic shapes. Whether you're trying to create a pituresque scene of tidily cohesive trees and shrubbery, or turn nature into your work of art by sculpting your leafy greenery, you'll probably need a polesaw or hedge trimmer.

Polesaws are perfect for the heavy duty work. Sort of an elongated chainsaw, they're good for reaching high up branches in trees and cutting through thick, sturdy branches. A polesaw is used for the demanding preparation before any artful landscaping. 

And for getting that super neat, smooth finish around your hedges or for crafting those super tricky corners of your tree art, a hedge trimmer is the perfect tool. These machines are designed to give you as much dexterous freedom of movement as possible in shaping your trees and hedges, meaning they're lightweight, and often come with cordless options. 

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For Your Pond

Any garden with a water feature or pond deserves the highest levels of care and attention, especially if you have some lovely fish that you need to keep healthy. Pond Filters will help aerate and circulate the water in your pond, keeping it from going stagnant. Blagdon offers a wide variety of pumps for all different kinds of pools; a small pump is ideal for pebble ponds, while any pond that suffers from regularly changing water levels may benefit from a pump with an automatic shut off feature. If you live in a place with lots of rainfall, then a dual water pump will help you regulate overflow, allowing you to pump water out of flooded areas. On top of keeping your pond healthy, dealing with flooded areas will also stop any water damage or drowning amongst your plants, all over keeping your foliage and floral light healthy.

Tidying Up

Once all the gardening, landscaping, shaping, and pumping is done, the final thing keeping your garden from looking gorgeous is probably the stray leaves, roots, weeds, and branches scattered all over. That's where the leaf blower and pressure washers come in. Leaf blowers are ideal for directing the mass of debris to a more manageable area where you can sweep it up or dump it. Leaf blowers are designed to be quiet yet powerful, making them a good choice for anyone living in a residential area with neighbours around. If you want something a little more industrial, then Ryno's Blower Vac triples up as a blower, vacuum, and mulcher all in one, with a connected bag to store all debris, making it an ideal blower for larger land or gardeners who take on massive landscaping projects.

Its also important to care for your patio or decking areas, keeping them clean and free from build ups of dirt, mud, and dust, to help your wilder areas of lawns and flowerbeds truly stand out. Pressure washers are perfect for blasting away any unwanted mess across wood and stone, making them a great choice for anyone who takes caring for their garden seriously. Yard Force designs smaller pressure washers that can be very easily stored and transported, ideal for hobbyist gardeners and family homes. For larger-scale landscapers, RAC has built some more powerful pressure washers that can still be kept in a garden shed. 

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