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Smoothie in Kitchen Blender

Great Gadgets for Your New Year, New You

Every January dawns with grand ideas for making this year the year of the new, improved you. Some people take out gym memberships, others invest in a home gym, some take up running or yoga and some volunteer or start a new hobby. However you decide to create the new you, new gadgets for your kitchen are a great place to start!

Nutritious Shakes

Blenders are a must-have in the kitchen, whether you want healthy smoothies to start your day or ice cream shakes for a weekend treat. Bullet blenders are designed for the nutritious, antioxidant seekers among us, with multipurpose blades designed to crush the most super of foods for maximum vitamin extraction. If you freeze some fruit for your breakfast smoothie, you can have the ice cream sensation without the calories!

Soups & Stews Fast

Blenders aren’t just designed for smoothies; they can also be used for soups. You don’t have to have the full jug blender or food processor; a simple handheld stick blender also works. For soups, it’s brilliant because you can blend the soup in the pan you cooked in. No extra washing up is required! These are great for keeping your new year’s resolutions because they let you whip up your favourite soup in minutes. And for those who want a meatier supper, slow cookers will have a tasty stew ready when you get home from work. You need to chop the meat and veg, add seasoning and water and flick on the switch in the morning. There’s no need to call for a calorie-filled takeout when you make a nutritious meal quicker.

Air Fryer New Year Gadget


Healthy Fried Food?

Yes, it is possible with air fryers. These ingenious fryers circulate superheated air around the food, which converts the small amount of oil you add into a fine mist. This coats the food, resulting in chips, chicken, or whatever you fancy that tastes like it was cooked in a traditional deep-fat fryer. And if lower calories aren’t bonus enough, they’re easy to clean too.



Make it Large

A safe way to keep eating healthily is to cook in large batches and freeze portions for a ready-made, home-cooked meal without the daily hassle. Look up some recipes, get the ingredients and gadgets in your kitchen that you’ll need for long-term healthy cooking, and you’ll keep that good food resolution. And enjoy doing it.


Happy New Year, and here's to a happy new you too!

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