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Cake Decorating Accessories that Every Baker Needs

Whether you bake every day, once a week or occasionally to relax and unwind, you can make sure your yummy bakes stand out from the crowd with the perfect cake decorating accessories. We've compiled a list of handy baking accessories to help you make your cakes, pastries, muffins and more look beautiful and taste delicious.


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Before you have a cake to decorate you need to make sure you have the following:

Cake Tins – it’s helpful to have these in an array of sizes so you're prepared for a vrious tasty recipes.

A Cooling Rack – making sure your bake is perfectly cooled before adding any icing or decorations is incredibly important. Your cake will be fragile when first out of the oven so adding icing could cause breakage and melt the icing.

Baking Parchment – to stop your cakes from sticking to the tin and prevent browning.

Cookie Cutters – With everything from unicorns to pineapples, you can get cookie cutters in various sizes and shapes to add a touch of personality.

For the icing

Icing is often the most impressive and tastiest part of any baked good, so making sure you have the perfect accessories is vital. Not only does icing make cakes look good, it also helps to keep your delectable desserts fresher for longer.

Spatulas – baking spatulas come in different shapes, sizes and materials. They are mainly used to frost cakes and evenly spread toppings, but they can also be used to carve patterns and cute designs out of your icing.

Rolling Pin – If you’re working with fondant icing, a silicone or stainless steel rolling pin will help you flatten, shape and mould your icing.

Icing bags and piping nozzles – Whether you’re making cupcakes, pastries or large cakes, you should have icing bags and nozzles to fill and decorate a variety of delicious delights. Excellent for adding cream into eclairs, adding frosting to cupcakes, and much more.

Cake Smoother – These are excellent for larger cakes as they allow you to easily smooth down icing to create the perfect base for extra decorations.

Cake Turner – these allow you to get a clean, smooth finish on your icing by rotating the cake as you decorate.

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To Perfectly Finish

Take your brilliant bakes to the next level by adding the perfect finishing touches. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Easter or just because, there’s a variety of ways you can make sure your baked goods are decorated to match any occasion.

Decorating Brushes – These are ideal for adding beautiful details to your treats. With angled brushes you can use to paint petals and curves, small flat brushes to do brush embroidery, and liner brushes to paint fine lines and intricate details, there's a decorating brush for every task.

Chocolate Moulds – add a fun shape to the top of cakes with chocolate moulds. With moulds featuring palm trees, flamingos, hearts and more, you can a variety of tasty finishing touches to your bakes.

Toppers – Excellent for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas and many more special occasions, cake toppers come in an variety of shapes and sizes and are sure to make your cakes look even more impressive.

For even more exciting baking must-haves, why not check out our extensive Baking Accessories collection.

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