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What's The Deal With Gonks?

Over the last few years, gonks have exploded onto the snowy scene to become one of the country’s favourite quirky decorations for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. If you’ve already joined the craze, you’ll know how these delightful little fellows can add something to your décor all year round. If you haven’t, you may wonder what’s so special about this specific character. We’re here to tell you about gonks and why you should consider adding one or two (or even more!) to your décor this year.


Truly Scrumptuous Gonks

What Is A Gonk?

Some people think Gonks look like a funny little Santa. Others think they look like particularly festive gnomes. At first glance, you can see why; gonks are stout little fellows with such long, bushy beards that it covers most of their face. Paired with their favourite fashionable accessory, a pointed hat pulled over their eyes, all that’s left to see of a gonk’s face is a sweet button nose. Gonks are often dressed in warming and festive coats and sometimes like to show off their funny striped socks. While many are partial to traditionally festive red or white, they wear all sorts of colours to suit their theme.

Where Do Gonks Come From?

Believe it or not, this creature that looks so much like Santa was not originally a Christmas icon. Gonks are inspired by gnomes and hobgoblins found in Scandinavian and Nordic mythology. In the old lore, these short, bearded folks would make their home in the houses and barns of farms. If they liked the family they chose to live with, they would protect that family and their land with fairy-like magic, bringing good fortune. However, if the family disrespected their land or the gonk’s home, they would become angry and mischievous, playing tricks and creating misery for the humans.

An old Nordic tradition involves leaving out a bowl of porridge during the winter solstice so that the gonk may feast and join in the festivities. As Christmas became more prominent across Scandinavia, these stories and traditions stayed with the people, and gonks eventually came to be paired with Christmas.

A Gonk is For Life, Not Just for Christmas

Although Gonks are especially popular around Christmas, they've become a popular decoration for your home throughout the year. You can now get Gonks for Halloween, Easter, Autumn, and Summer to enjoy these quirky and cute characters for more than just the winter. Each Gonk is dressed perfectly for the season and will add charm to your seasonal decor for more than Christmas.

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What Can You Do With Them?

Tree Decorations - Threaded with a string, they’ll look wonderfully whimsical hanging from a branch on your Christmas tree, where they can watch over the presents until the big day.
Life Size - These creatures are always three feet in the lore at most. You can find some standing life size gonks to place around your home, and they’ll look fabulous stood either side of a door or your television.
Sitting - Another popular style is a sand-bag type decoration, where the gonk’s body is weighed down with sand so they can sit stably on a shelf or table, where their legs dangle freely over the side.
Ornaments - Looking for something with a lot of class? You can find some elegant gonk statues around. These will look stunning placed on your mantlepiece or a coffee table!
Crockery - Bring a cute touch to your festive dinner table with some gonk crockery! You can find them decorating platters, plates, or shaped into mugs, jugs, and egg cups.
Plaques & Stands - The gonk can be found on rustic or Scandi style plaques or word stands, where they spread festive messages to all who enter your home.

And more! - If you’re really in love with these magical little faefolk (and who wouldn’t be? They’re so adorable!) then you can also find them decorating a vast array of table clothes, plaques, craft gear, and gift-giving accessories.

We hope this little introduction to the gonk and its rich history is enough to convince you to bring one into your homes – they’ve spent too long shacking up in barns and farmhouses! They’ll return your favour of providing them with a warm home by being a sweetly stunning decoration, causing children and adults alike to grin at their little bearded face, and may even bring good fortune to you and your family this Christmas.

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