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Christmas Papercraft Ideas

If you’re finding your creative fingers itching as the nights draw in, and you can’t think of anything better than getting crafty, drinking hot chocolate, and unashamedly eating all the mince pies, then this list of Christmas papercraft ideas is sure to give you plenty of festive inspiration. Whether you want fun and simple crafts to do with the kids, or something slightly more advanced for yourself, read on to discover what marvels you can create with paper.

Santa’s Enchanted Key

If your home doesn’t have a chimney and the kids are wondering how Santa’s going to get in on Christmas Eve, then making this key is the perfect craft activity that will put their mind to rest.

You will need: Card / Scissors / Stickers / Glitter / Hole-punch / String or Ribbon

  1. Begin by making a key template. You can find plenty of these online to copy or if you’re feeling particularly creative, make your own.
  2. Once you have your template cut out, transfer it to a sturdy piece of card (any colour is fine, but bright or festive colours are best) and cut out.
  3. Now it’s the fun part that children can get involved with! Decorate your key with stickers, glitter, colouring pens, or whatever embellishments you like.
  4. Once your key is decorated, use a hole-punch to make a hole in the top then thread your ribbon through. Tie a knot so you have a hanging loop.
  5. On the back of your key, write a little poem or letter to Santa to let him know he needs to use this enchanted key instead.
  6. When the key is ready, hang it on your front or back door for Santa to see.

Reindeer Wrapping Paper

A perfect craft for young children, this handmade reindeer wrapping paper is fun, easy to make, and looks stunning wrapped around your gifts.

You will need: Kraft Paper / Ink Pad / Mini red pom-poms / Glue / Pen

  1. Lay out your Kraft paper on a non-stainable surface or place some old newspaper down first.
  2. Press your finger firmly against the ink pad until your finger has a healthy coating.
  3. Press your finger on to the kraft paper and allow to dry.
  4. Once dry, glue a mini pom-pom to the base of the fingerprint as a nose.
  5. Draw on eyes and antlers with your pen.
Papercraft ECI

3D Spiral Snowflake

You will need: 6 pieces of Square Paper / Scissors / Tape / Stapler

You can use any colour paper you wish – white, red, green, and metallics all work especially well. You could even decorate the paper yourself beforehand.

  1. Fold one square of paper diagonally in half to form a triangle, then do so again. Cut off any overhanging paper to make sure you have a perfect triangle.
  2. Cut 3 slits into the triangle from the bottom fold, parallel to the edge of your triangle. Make sure you leave at least 1cm uncut towards the double folded crease at the top.
  3. Unfold the triangle and position the square paper as a diamond in front of you.
  4. Roll the first 2 innermost paper lines together to form a small tube and tape together.
  5. Turn the diamond over and do the same to the next 2 paper lines – it should be opposite the first one you did.
  6. Keep turning the paper and taping the lines together on opposite sides until all the paper lines have been joined.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 with the remaining paper.
  8. Join 3 of your completed pieces together at one end and staple them in place. Do the same to the remaining 3.
  9. Finally, staple the 2 pieces together in the middle and where each of the arms of your pieces meet.
  10. Hang in windows, from the ceiling, or wherever you think they would look best
Papercraft PIS

Origami Gift Box

A personalised way to give a gift, the Origami Gift Box is a relaxing activity for cold nights by the fire and watching festive telly. A box like this is perfect for use in Secret Santa, as a presentation box for small hand-made gifts, sweets and cookies, gift cards, and more.

You will need: Square Scrapbook paper or card x 2 / Ribbon / A gift!

  1. Begin with one sheet of square paper. Scrapbooking paper or card is best as they are thicker and sturdier. Using a 12” x 12” sheet will give you a box that is around 4” x 4” – so use a larger sheet if you’re looking to make a box for a larger gift.
  2. Fold the paper in half horizontally and unfold. Fold the paper vertically and unfold again to reveal the cross pattern.
  3. Fold each corner of your paper into the middle point.
  4. Keeping your corner folds, fold the top and bottom sides to the middle as well and then unfold.
  5. Fold the left and right sides to the middle whilst keeping your corner folds intact. Unfold the sides.


6. Open 2 corners diagonal to one another, leaving the other 2 folded. Use your fingers to coax the corner folds in, pulling the side edges upright. Tuck the top flap in to make the side of the box.
7. Repeat step 6 with the other side. If you feel like you need to, use glue or double-sided tape to secure the flaps.If using a 12” x 12” piece of card, cut the next sheet down to around 11.5 by 11.5 inches.
8. Repeat steps 2-7 to form the base. The first box should fit snugly over the second box.
9. Decorate your box as desired, fill with gorgeous gifts, and add ribbon for an extra-festive touch.

Handmade Christmas Card

If you prefer making your own Christmas cards, have a look at the video below for a simple but effective design. For more card inspiration, check out our article on Creating the Perfect Christmas Card.

You will need: Acrylic Paint / Kraft Glue / Paintbrush / Cardstock / Wooden Shapes

If this collection of festive crafts didn't quite hit the spot for you, have a little look at our fantastic collection of Papercraft essentials and the additional articles below to inspire you further. 

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