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Keeping Pets Calm Cat and Dog

A Guide to Keeping Pets Calm This Bonfire Night

Amidst all the fun and excitement that surrounds Bonfire Night celebrations, it’s important to remember that it might not be so enjoyable for our beloved canine companions and feline friends. With many showing tell-tale signs of anxiety or phobia during this fireworks season, our handy guide is here to lend a helping hand when it comes to knowing what signs to look out for and how to remedy them.

Scared Dog Under Duvet Cover

Signs to Watch Out For:

Stimulated by unexpected loud bangs and vibrant flashing lights, here are a handful of sound phobia signs to look out for:

  • Pacing and Restlessness

  • Excessive Panting

  • Drooling and Vocalising

  • Repeated Hiding

If at any point you do recognise any of these indicators, it’s important to remember not to panic. There are several ways to help remedy your dog, cat, or other small pet from the comfort of your and their own home.

keeping pets calm cat

Ways to Remedy:

If you have noticed any of the above signs or are simply looking for easy and effective methods to help calm your beloved pet this Bonfire Night, then why not opt for products such as the Beaphar Calming Collar for Dogs, Beaphar Calming Spot On For Cats, or our selection of safe-to-use Beaphar Calming Tablets. Alternatively, here are some practical strategies that you can try:

  • Keep Your Pet Indoors – By keeping your pet indoors during the ongoing celebrations you’ll be able to have more control over where they go and how they react. For dogs, this is perhaps a little more manageable, but with cats, try to make sure they’re kept in from 4pm onwards to avoid them being out and about when the fireworks start.

  • Feed Them Early – An early feeding time can help both settle their stomachs and ensure they don’t miss out on a meal during Bonfire night. Similarly, walking them before dark will also help ensure owners avoid unpleasant run-ins with loud and unexpected fireworks displays.


  • Audio Familiarity – The use of music and background sound, i.e. television or radio, can help soothe your pet’s nerves when it comes to sudden loud bangs. Audio familiarity enables your cuddly companion to tune into something they’ve heard before without increasing their levels of anxiety any more than is necessary. The same process can also be applied to the use of familiar scents.

  • Create a Hiding Space – By creating a snug little haven for your pet you’ll be helping to soothe their anxieties and stress levels. By using extra bedding, fluffy covers and rugs, owners can create a welcoming and all-together calming area to retreat to.

  • Ensure Curtains and Blinds are Drawn – Ensuring your living area is as natural as you’d normally have it after dark will help your pet acclimatise to the change in the outdoor environment. Much like the notion of layering their bed with extra blankets and cushions for a nest-like bed, drawing curtains will no doubt help to reduce stress levels. Beds like the RSPCA Brick 3 in 1 Cat Cube or Luxury Cosy Cat Bed are designed to provide them with the shelter they seek.

  • Stay Calm as an Owner – Pets generally look to their owners for guidance, so it’s super important that you remain calm and collected when around your pets. Fussing and cooing can often heighten their stress levels, so it’s best to just keep an eye out whilst leaving them to get settled in their own way.

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