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Comfortable Baby Bedding

A Guide to Baby Bedding

If you're seeking some guidance when it comes to preparing your nursery ahead of a newborn or you're thinking of switching up their existing bedding, our handy guide is sure to help shed some light on how to help them get the best night's sleep possible.

Featuring everything from blankets to bedding and baby monitors, here at The Range our extensive collection of nursery essentials are sure to help you care for your little one as they grow. Unsure on how to switch-up your routine during Winter or the warmer months, our guides on How to Keep Baby Warm in Winter or How to Keep Baby Cool in Summer are guaranteed to help lend first-time parents some insightful knowledge when it comes to looking after their youngster.


Decorated Baby Bedroom

Cots, Cribs, and Baskets

During the first few months, your little one will sleep beside you in either a crib or a moses basket. Once they reach the age of between 4 and 6 months, or once they learn how to support and push themselves up onto their hands and knees, then it's time to consider swapping their crib for a cot.

Cots feature plenty of wriggle room and each boast a 3-position adjustable mattress base to provide any parent added peace of mind when setting up their youngster for the best nights sleep. Thinking of going travelling with your little one? Travel cots are compact and highly-portable designs that are sure to help your little one drift off to sleep with ease whilst away from home.

Not sure on what type of design to opt for when it comes to buying your first cot? Why not check-out Your Guide to Buying a Cot.


Bulky pillows, bedding, or heavy blankets aren't suitable when it comes to kitting out your little one's cot or crib. To help them sleep soundly and in true comfort, they'll need a suitable mattress that fits their bed or cot. Designed to help provide a soothing nights sleep, these supportive mattresses are fully breathable, hypoallergenic, and perfect for fitting into any existing cot or cotbed with ease. To help provide added protection against dust mites, mildew, and unexpected accidents in the night, a children's mattress protector is sure to come in handy.

baby sleeping in cot

Bedding and Fitted Sheets

Once you've found the right moses basket, crib, or cot, then making sure you've got suitable fitted sheets and bedding is the next important step. Fitted sheets are perfect for use with most moses baskets and cribs.

Designed to help protect the mattress from getting dirty, and of course from unexpected leaky nappies, fitted sheets are great too for pairing with blankets during the cooler months or for leaving as they are during the warmer ones.

For cots and cotbeds, products such as the Kinder Valley Cot Sheets are guaranteed to help provide parents with peace of mind as their little one sleeps. If you're after a more practical all-in-one set, then cot and quilt bumper sets are sure to help add a splash of colour to any nursery.


During the warmer months, you might find that it's too hot for your little one to be sleeping with bedding. If this is the case, then it might be worth having a lightweight blanket to hand to help keep them warm if the temperature does suddenly drop.


Items such as the Cellular Blanket feature delicate open weavings to allow airflow. For the slightly colder months, why not opt for warmer, chunkier blankets?

Nighttime Accessories

Is your little one struggling to sleep? Why not install a soothing night light? They're a great way to help provide them with added comfort and security whilst alone in their nursery. If you're planning on monitoring the temperature of their room, then look for a monitor with an easy-read LCD display that provides accurate readings to within 1°C.

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