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Cheap Half Term Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

Keeping the kids entertained during school holidays can be tough, but the half-term might be one of the toughest. It's often cold outside, and saving for the summer, Christmas, and other events can leave you with a tight wallet. But we all want to make sure kids have a good time on their school holiday, so that when they go back they feel like they’ve had a good break and are ready to learn again. So to help you out, we’ve thought of some super fun half-term activities that will keep your kids entertained, let you bond as a family, and won’t break the bank.


Baking Half Term


Baking is perhaps the perfect half-term activity: you get to stay inside your lovely warm kitchen, your kids will love mixing together all the ingredients and choosing their flavours, and there’s delicious food to eat at the end of it, AND you’ve probably already got most of the ingredients in your cupboards. With just flour, eggs, and milk, you can make some beautifully fluffy pancakes. Spending an afternoon whipping up these beauties and seeing who can catch it after a proper flip is bound to bring reels of fun for you and the children. If you’ve got the basics of flour, eggs, milk, plus sugar, then just a quick trip to the shop and less than ten pounds can bulk out your ingredients with butter, chocolate, or flavour extracts, leading you to endless sweet possibilities. Check out some more of our tasty recipies for cheap and fun baking ideas!

Rocks Half Term


Arts and Crafts

If you don’t want to constantly feed your kids sugar throughout the half term, then arts and crafts is another creative activity with limitless yet cheap possibilities. Do you have some old newspapers, magazines, or notes lying around? Papier Mache lets kids get as creative as they want, and it could also keep them entertained over a good couple of days, what with the project needing to dry first and then be decorated! And decorating isn’t limited to paper. Rock painting and finger painting are all creative activities that don’t require much cash. Just a couple of cheap and colourful paints or felt tips, find some large rocks in the garden or at a park, and the children will love covering them in pretty patterns. If pulling out paints, paper, glue, and just letting your kids run wild seems like a bit too hectic and messy for you, then it's always worth keeping a couple craft or science sets tucked away in the cupboard. You usually get them cheaply, and many are educational, too! Although maybe don’t let the kids know that; they’re so excited for their week off school…


A trip to the park

We know the weather isn’t always fantastic during the half-term; there’s a good chance it will be cold and rainy all week, which is why baking and arts and crafts are such great ideas. But if the sun starts shining for a day or two, getting out for some fresh air and running in the park with the kids will help lift their spirits and tire them out. Wrap up in some warm clothing, take a football, and treat yourself and the kids to a hot chocolate after all that exercise.

You don’t need to spend loads of money to keep your children happy – they’re just glad to have the week off school! This half term is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with them, find something you can enjoy together, and maybe discover a new hobby they can pick up!

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