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Recycled Materials: Creating The Perfect Kids Project

With plenty of recyclable materials lying around the home, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to piecing together something truly special. From plastic bottles to cardboard tubes, unwanted glass jars to tin cans, this handy article is sure to encourage an array of environmentally friendly craft projects. Here at The Range we've got ample childrens craft accessories to help your youngster stick, stylise, and showcase their next showstopping craft project in style. (What's more - these craft projects are great for showing support of World Earth Day!)


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Quick Ideas

Designed to help you reuse and recycle an array of materials and products that can be saved from the skip, there's plenty of different ways to create something truly unique and special when it comes to your next craft project. Helping you save money and minimise your environmental footprint, here are our top suggestions when it comes to your next recycled craft project:

  • Tin Can / Plastic Cup Wind Chime - Recycle your unwanted tin cans or plastic cups into wonderful hanging windchimes. Great for decorating your outdoor living areas and windowsills!

  • DIY Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank - Designed to help encourage your youngster to save their pennies for a rainy day, this creative way to recycle unwanted bottles is sure to impress.

  • Recycled Plastic Bottle Watering Can - Great for helping water all your beloved plants, herbs, and vegetables, recycling bottles or plastic jugs to create an easy-to-fill watering can is both environmentally friendly and great for those of all ages.

  • Recycled Terrarium Mason Jars - Perfect for filling with sand, pebbles, and even miniature characters or decorations, reusing unwanted glass jars to piece together your own terrarium is sure to encourage creativity.

  • Creative Plastic-Lid Monsters - Great for decorating with googly eyes, feathers, sequins, and even pipe cleaners, creating your own bottle-cap monster is sure to provide hours of endless entertainment for any keen crafter.

Craft Essentials:

Once you and your youngster have decided on a creative way to re-use your chosen materials, it's time to think about how to decorate it! Here at The Range our extensive selection of children's paints, crayons, colouring sets and desirable accessories are sure to inspire their next masterpiece. No sure on where to start? Here are our must-have's when it comes to any craft project:

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Decorative Plant Pots

Perfect for any keen crafter looking to liven up their outdoor living areas, reusing plastic bottles to create your own decorative plant pots is a fun and highly-rewarding project that's great for little (and big) kids!

How To Create:

Once you have your pre-cleaned plastic bottle, draw a line around the bottle approximately 1/3 of the way from the bottom - this will help guide you as you cut the plastic. Craft tools such as scissors are perfect for cutting through plastic, however you may need to use a craft knife to make the initial incision into the plastic - we highly advise that an adult undertakes this part of the process.

For added detailing, or if you're planning on creating an animal-themed design with pointed ears, make sure you draw the outline of these before you start to cut the plastic.Once you've cut away the base for your project, remember that the capped top half can also be used for another project, so don't be too hasty to throw that away! Paints like the Docrafts Artiste Acrylic Paint or the Galeria Acrylic - Cad Yellow Medium Hue are suitable for painting onto plastic and make great base-coats for adding extra detail.

How To Fill:

Once you're fully happy with your newly decorated plant pot, and it's had the chance to dry fully, why not place in a pre-filled plant pot or fill the plastic bottle directly with compost. From here you can sow an array of seeds that are perfect for growing in smaller pots before they need re-potting. Great for placing outdoors, or even in windowsills that receive ample sunlight, this planter project is sure to inspire an array of marvellous masterpieces.

Looking to kit-out your little one's craft collection with all the essentials but stuck on where to start? Our handy guide to Children's Craft Time Essentials is sure to help set them off on the right foot.

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