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Easter Bonnet With Chick Eggs

Making an Easter Bonnet

If your child is at school, the chances are you’ll have to make an Easter bonnet sooner or later! Fun and colourful, they are a great way to get creative with your little ones. With plenty of desirable craft items available here at The Range to help inspire creativity, here are some of our ideas for a winning Easter bonnet.

Easter Bonnet and Eggs

Making the Hat

You’ll first need to create the base of the bonnet. This will be the main hat that you’ll be decorating later.

Straw Hat

You can cover a straw hat with colourful tissue paper, or paint it a bright colour as a base for decorations. This takes away the hassle of making a hat shape from scratch, and gives you more time to have fun decorating.


If you don’t have access to a straw hat, then it’s easy to make one from cardboard. Simply make sure you have a length of cardboard cut out. Make this into a tube that fits around the top of your child’s head. Then all you need to do is create a lid for the tube and a large rim for the base, giving you a hat to make into an amazing Easter bonnet. You needn't stick to neutral tones! Card packs come in a wide variety of gorgeous colours and shades.

Easter Bonnet Ideas

Mini Easter Egg Nests

Buy packs of chocolate mini eggs and glue these to the bonnet, then cover with natural raffia or twigs to mimic a bird’s nest. Fill in with large fake eggs and scrunched up tissue paper in a variety of spring time colours - think pinks, pastel blues, yellows and greens. You could also add feathers for the finishing touch! You can also get an adorable pre-made nests to make your job easier.

easter bonnet decorations

Spring Wildflowers

Decorate your hat with a pretty display of artificial flowers, with large colourful roses and lots of foliage. Add some little bumblebees made from easter eggs or golf balls, and finish with a spritz of floral perfume - it will smell as good as it looks!

A variety of embellishments such as flowers and butterflies are sure to liven up your handiwork. Make sure you don't forget the adhesives! Craft glues are great for sticking down an array of items, whilst Glue Guns are better for more in-depth work.

Little Animals

Fluffy chicks and bunnies make the perfect Easter companions, so hide these little critters amongst flowers and grass on the bonnet. You could even cut out bunny ears and glue them onto the hat for a cute Rabbit themed bonnet. Adorable animal characters are perfect for accentuating your bonnet.



Making Easter bonnets is a fun craft project for everyone to get involved in, so let your imagination run wild. Be sure to browse our Easter Craft section for all of your Easter boon

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