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DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY wedding invitations are a wonderful way to help add a touch of personalised charm to your special day. Allowing you to be as creative as you desire, our handy guide is here to lend a helping hand! From the perfect card to dainty toppers, ribbons to stylish stamps, here at The Range our extensive craft collection is sure to help you address friends, family members, and beloved guests in style.

The Paper

First things first, the paper. Glossy paper needs a lot of ink, linen and textured paper tends to bleed, therefore matte card stock is the fool proof option. If you're looking to create a folded invite, you’ll need to think about the thickness of your paper, which is measured by weight. The higher the number, the thicker the paper - it's that simple! If you’re buying sheets and cutting do to your desired size (the cheaper option), then opting for a trimmer or guillotine is the most sensible option to help cut on mass. Our Top Tip - Get samples where possible to make sure the colour, texture and thickness is exactly right.

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Typography & Design

Seeking some inspiration? Why not have a look around platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram. Packed full of quirky and fashionable styles, there's sure to be a design out there for you. If you're looking to create something different from the usual single-sided design, why not opt for a gate folder with dainty ribbon. Simply cut and paste decorative panels, or add a mount on the card stock, to help your invite truly shine. To avoid misscomunication, always remember to ensure your font is both clear and easy to read!

The Envelope

Handwritten envelopes are considered more traditional in style, however pre-printed labels are great for those looking to save time. Looking to charm? Why not take some calligraphy classes to make your invites and envelopes stand out, or why not utilise rubber stamps to help add a touch of personalisation. By adding layers of texture and multiple colours, your envelope is sure to stand out as it arrives via mail. Remeber - the size of the envelope (and the postage) will be dictated not only by your invitation, but by the other inserts you have too. Here are some examples of what else to include within your envelope:

  • The Invitation – more on this below.
  • The RSVP Card – give a RSVP deadline two weeks before you actually want them, because many people will wait until the last moment before replying. Always send a stamped self-addressed envelope for the RSVP. Keep a spreadsheet of responses, and follow up with latecomers gently. If you’re having a menu card (see below), have space for their meal selections here.
  • Menu Card – for guest meal selections, if you’re having a sit-down meal.
  • Directions – not everyone is smartphone savvy, so written directions to the wedding and reception venues is always a good idea.
  • Accommodations Card – add local recommendations on hotels, pubs and B&Bs where guests can stay if required.
  • Weekend Itinerary – this will help your guests pack suitable clothing and essentials for whatever additional activities you might have organise

Make sure everything fits in your envelopes before you get too far down the line, and when it comes to doing them all, a production line of friends and family is a brilliant idea.

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The Invitation

The format for your invitation can often change depending on how formal you’ve decided to make them. The basic information to include often follows the below structure:

  1. Mr & Mrs Joe Jones
  2. request the pleasure of your company
  3. at the marriage of their daughter
  4. Dr Jill Jones
  5. to
  6. Mr Stephen Smith
  7. at St Luke’s Church, Minster (where)
  8. on (date), (month), (year), at (time)
  9. and afterwards at (reception venue)
  10. RSVP: (host’s address)


A lot of people use corner copy for extra information like the gift situation or required dress.

And if you are going to send out Save the date cards, you better get started!

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