Kontrol Streamline Dehumidifier Moisture Trap
by Kontrol
  • Effective for 2-3 months
  • Great in any room
  • Comes with 500 grams of absorbing granules
  • Removes damp and prevents condensation

Keep your home feeling fresh and odour free with the brilliant Kontrol Streamline Dehumidifier Moisture Trap. The slim moisture trap will ensure your home stays free from moisture. The 500 grams of absorbing granules will cover a room up to 15 m3. The Kontrol trap is noiseless,m as it works passively to catch moisture in the air. It works without the irritating rumbling from an electronic dehumidifier. It will to last approximately 2-3 months and will keep out those pesky musty smells.

  • Length: 24cm
  • Colour: Blue

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