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Crochet Knitting Wool

Crochet: A Beginners Guide

Fun, engaging and creative, crochet is a great hobby for all ages. You can create fantastic fabric designs by interlocking loops of yarn and thread with a specially designed crochet hook. From fashion accessories to personalised gifts, when it comes to planning your next crochet project the only limit is your imagination. Our helpful guide covers everything you need to know when it comes to stitching, looping, and clustering.


Crochet Guide Needles and Wool

Essential Skills and Tools

When it comes to learning how to crochet, it's important to note that you only really need to know a few stitches to be able to piece together a wide variety of designs. Here are three of the basic stitching techniques that are sure to help your next project get off the ground.

  • Slip Knot - A Slip Knot forms the base of almost all crochet projects, as without one you'd have nothing to pull your preceeding stitches through to. Putting it simply - a Slip Knot attaches your yarn to your hook.
  • Slip Stitch - Small and simple in their purpose, the Slip Stitch is designed to help join one crochet element to another with ease. An example would be if you had to join two patterns together if they were currently unjoined side-by-side - a Slip Stitch would then be the best way to crochet them together.
  • Chain Stitch - Chain Stitches are the foundation of most crochet projects. When a group of chain stitches are created at the beginning of a project, it is referred to as either a Starting Chain, Base Chain, or a Foundation Chain. If you're starting a new row within your project, then a Turning Chain will be used. In summary, crochet chains are the perfect way to connect other stitches throughout your project.

Choosing the Right Hook Size

When it comes to choosing the correct crocket hook size for your next crochet project, it's important to remember that every hook size and type has its own specific purpose. Designed to pull your chosen yarn through loops to create the desired stitch, crochet hooks are available in an array of different materials - each of which are suited to different project types.

Steel hooks such as the Stitch & Sew Metal Crochet Needles include the popular hook sizes of 1mm, 1.5mm,  2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm - all of which are perfect for both beginner and more advanced crocheters. These types of hooks are perfect for use with fine laced threads. If you're wanting to create items with thicker yarn then crochet sets with hook sizes with a selection of sizes are also available.

Looking for something a little more lightweight and ergonomic? Why not opt for bamboo or plastic hooks rather than metal ones. Available in an array of desirable sizes, both jumbo and small, these types of hook are also known to help reduce the amount of strain experienced by your hands whilst stitching.

guide to crochet bunny rabbit

Project Ideas

The great thing about crochet is that the project possibilities really are endless. Struggling on what items you can make now that you're familiar with which hooks and yarns are available? Here are our some of our Top Project suggestions:

  • Granny-Square Comfort Blankets

  • Scarves and Pull-Over Hats

  • Charming Crochet Mug Warmers

  • Weighted Character Door-Stops

  • Warming Winter Mittens and Gloves

All-in-One Kits

Perfect for those looking to create something special for a loved one, all-in-one kits contain all the essentials needed to help you piece together a project with ease. Great too for crafters that don't already have hooks, yarn, or other practical items in the home, ready-to-go kits are sure to inspire creativity and also make a wonderful gift.


If you love learning new crafty and creative hobbies, have a look at our Knitting: A Beginners Guide article, or if you're interesting in making money from your hobby then have a read of our What Crafts Can You Make to Sell? article for some exciting top tips.

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