Fantasy Hamster Cage
  • Perfect home for your pet
  • Plenty of space for your hamster to run around
  • Bright and colourful
  • Easy to clean

Keep your pet happy and comfortable with the Fantasy Hamster Cage. This spacious cage is a great home for your furry little friends, from hamsters to gerbils. The cage has plenty of space for your small pet to burrow, forage and tunnel and your pet can stay hydrated with easy access to their water bottle. The cage is split into two layers with holes and a tube for them to crawl through, and a wheel to keep them healthy and active. This cage is easy to clean as the lid clips off and there is a smaller gate at the side so you can pick up your pet whenever you want. The bright, vibrant design will bring a splash of colour to your pet's home and the metal bars will let you watch them having the time of their life!

  • Length: 58cm

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