Komodo Thermostat Dimming
by Komodo
  • Keep your reptile at the optimum temperature
  • Automatically reduces the power of most light bulbs
  • Accurately measures the air and surface temperatures

Keep your reptile at the optimum temperature with the Thermostat Dimming from Komodo. This brilliant device will be a practical addition to your vivarium or tank. It is a versatile and intelligent thermostat, designed specifically to be used with light bulbs. The thermostat will help keep your terrarium's temperature regulated and optimal, in the most efficient and accurate way possible. The key is to take into account bulbs with higher wattages will produce less heat, whereas bulbs with low wattages, will produce more heat and less light. This is great for allowing you to control hot spots throughout your terrarium.

  • Wattage: 600W

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