Komodo Advanced Vivarium Heat Mat
by Komodo
Product code: P617053
  • 14.6cm
  • 27.4cm
  • 9.6cm
  • 14.2cm
  • 27.6cm
  • 41cm
  • Essential part of any vivarium
  • Emits infrared waves
  • Perfect for heating your reptile 24 hours a day

Keep your reptilian friends warm and comfortable with the Advanced Vivarium Heat Mat from Komodo. With this brilliant mat your reptile can stay warmer and more content in its vivarium throughout the day and you can also provide a cooler temperature for night time. The mat emits long wave infrared waves, perfect for heating your reptile 24 hours a day and can be placed on the bottom or side of any vivarium. This mat emits no light, making it ideal for a vivarium kept in bedrooms and will provide a gentle heat for reptiles they don't require high temperatures. This heated mat will be a perfect addition to your reptilian companion's home.

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