Fluorescent Bulb 5% UVB
Product code: P569997
  • 35cm
  • 18cm
  • 24cm
  • 76cm
  • Generates light and heat evenly across the terrarium
  • Perfect for reptiles that require a moderate amount of UVB
  • Supports your reptiles immune system, appetite and eyesight

The Fluorescent Bulb is a long tube shaped bulb that generates light and heat evenly across the whole of your terrarium. This tube bulb emits 5% UVB which is perfect for reptiles that require a lot of UVB to be healthy and content. This bulb also produces high levels of UVA, helping to support your reptile's immune system, appetite and eyesight. This bulb requires a ballast/controller, and then you are ready to create the ideal environment for your reptilian friend. A must have for all beautiful reptiles such as snakes, lizards or geckos.

  • Bulb type: T8

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